Day 6: Zombies and Girl

I felt like one this morning after yet another restless night from the Neenbot. Tonight when I put her down I gave her tylenol in hopes of heading it off. So far so good! We tried to keep them up as late as possible — Neeners made it until 8:30 and Morella pushed the limit until 9:30 with drinks of milk and potty requests.

Morella is really into playing with her Little People. She has a favorite Little Person — a little pink doll with a pink skirt and a pink bow in her blond hair with a little blue bird on her shoulder. She refers to this Little Person as “Girl.” Girl has a best friend, a Dunicorn. The other day I sat down to play with her and picked up the nearest Little Person animal, a cow. Now every time she wants to play she hollers to me “Mommy! Your cow! Come play with me. Here is your cow.” Great, I get a cow. It’s kind of fun to reach a point where we can play pretend with Little People — looking for their Mommies, getting cozied up to the campfire and playing hide and seek. Neeners gets into the action too by taking any Little Person and chattering in a high pitched voice. It’s so darn cute!

The day was spent at home. I pushed Morella in her swing outside for a long time, Neeners hated the cold and went inside for a 3 hour nap, and Falkor got stuck between the fences trying to get to his girlfriend (the troublemaker skipped out on Thursday and somehow got two fences away into a neighbors yard to play with his girlfriend dog Maddie — nearly giving me a heart attack that someone dog napped him). Tim spent the first part of the morning fixing the fence while I stayed inside and made old fashioned rice pudding, complete with asking the neighbors for two eggs. It was pretty good, even Tim had some though he loathes raisins cooked into anything. Morella took a 3 hour nap as well, and I even got a two hour nap in myself. I told Tim I was going to take one, and I did. I put in ear plugs and sleep like a baby. I had thought it was only an hour when I got up, but he informed me that it was two. I was sort of surprised but then it made sense because I felt rested.

Anyway. Tonight we watched AMC’s The Walking Dead, a new TV series about zombies. It was great! I’m even now a little creeped out but in a cool way. I don’t care for horror much, but I seem to have a soft spot for zombies. I’m shocked that it is taken TV this long to finally jump onto the zombie bandwagon and market a TV show for it. Heaven knows there is an audience. I guess it’s not great to be creeped out considering that it’s just going to be this next week with the girls. Well, me, the girls, three annoying cats and a stupid dog.

Well, I’m tired. I really need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. We are out of milk, eggs, coffee … all the essentials to make life run smoothly. I was going to make a good list today but I just never got around to it. I hate making grocery lists. I did sort through a box of papers though, that is something!

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