Day 7: Ten Things I like to get

The other night while I trying to get Athena to sleep, nursing her in the dark for a small eternity, I tried to get my mind off a personal family matter that bothers me, and onto something more pleasant. I thought, what are 10 things that I like to get as gifts? Here is what I came up with:

1. Stationary – any kind, anything
2. Journals
3. Food
4. Original artwork made by friends
5. Craft kits (complete kits, for example a calligraphy kit wouldn’t count because it’s more of an ongoing art type thing).
6. Lush Bath Bombs (I love breaking one up into four baths for the girls because it smells SO good!)
7. Socks
8. Perfume

[Here is where I am stretching]

9. Non-metal jewelry
10. Visits

There we go!

Today was a good day. Right now I can say that I feel like I am top of my game. We went grocery shopping and Athena was a holy terror — but we accomplished the mission, thanks to Tim being there. We played outside for a couple of hours, I made dinner (honey/brown sugar pork chops and sweet potato slices – meh), the girls went to bed early, I studied ho-chunk, I wrote my Mom a decent letter, I cleaned a little, got this post in and I am going to finish the night up with watching The Walking Dead.

Tim is getting ready for his trip to Seattle tomorrow. He’ll be gone before the girls wake up, so I’m going to be on my own. We ran out of coffee yesterday and so the morning was spent in a run down, slow, easy as it goes kind of start. I got some Highlander Grog for tomorrow’s coffee so that should get me going. I don’t have anything big planned this week except making dinner for a fellow Mom on the 11th, and visiting with my friend Amy on Tuesday, maybe a visit with another friend on Thursday. A part of me wants to cancel everything though and see if I can go to bed when the girls go to bed to see what happens. Having Tim around is motivation to usually stay up past their bedtime, but I still long to see what would happen if I went to bed very early — would I get up really early, have morning time to myself and get a bunch of stuff done? Would I feel energized and motivated for the day? I don’t know. Then again maybe that is just something that I’ll have to wait until I am old and grey and empty nested to find out.

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