House on the Rock has generated a record number of hits in one day! It totally must be because Tim wrote something. He always gets the press, I am just the arm candy. Anyway, I found my livejournal account had more friends added! People *actually* added me as a friend. Incredible, almost tempting enough to move over to live journal….almost. I must …still…..resist. Ack. The only reason I am staying with blogger still is because it allows me to maintain influence over the design of the page…and because I have been using it for SO long. Although I really wish it would have that nifty little “comment” feature…

After work, I was destroyed from the monster that is Jessica and…must not….talk about her. I get so frusturated angry just even thinking about …. stop it. I stopped for a drink at the Light House with Tim and then got pissy and wanted to go home. Which I did, and watched Buffy. Um. Buffy….yeah, the only good thing about it was that Tim made another great dinner and then we watched Lilo and Stitch…which I did enjoy. Thank you, I like children’s stories…they do have elements of fantasy in them and disney does throw a bone or two to the parents…. (not that I am a parent, but I am an adult). In any case, I enjoyed the movie.

No good mail. ALthough did I tell you about the great mail day I had on Monday? A letter from my Mom, my plane tickets to Scotland/London, a letter from Sofia my Austrian penpal…1st letter, and a letter from an older penpal who also lives in IL, and my trashy Time magazine. It was a GREAT mail day that will go down in history.

After the movie I finished a letter, chatted with…er…maybe I didn’t chat with anyone. I thought I did though. Oh, maybe it was the letter..that feels like I am talking to someone.

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