Day 8: Photos and “special friend”

So last night Morella was up again off an on complaining about scary noises and fireworks and what not. It’s really just the furnace and probably the fridge, but she has a bee in her bonnet about being scared. I had the great idea to get a noise machine for her, and so I went to BRU to buy one, preferably one she could hug and provide comfort. Tim suggested finding one that did lullaby’s, but I couldn’t find any. I did find a kid CD player that would have worked but it was battery operated only. In the end I went with a water themed sound scape fluffy, soft sheep. I made a big deal about how this stuffy would help her if she was scared by just pushing a button and it would stop the scary noises.

How did she end up going to sleep tonight? Clutching her new stuffy….with the sound off. :P I guess we’ll see how tonight goes. I don’t have Tim to go and help her like he did last night, and the last several nights.

Here are some photos from Friday and today at the playground.

Someone walked through the shredder paper I accidentally dropped and then walked onto the carpet (that we moved downstairs)

Casual attired Morella waiting to go out for dinner with a friend at Harmony Bar and Grill.

Neeners new word is “cheese” — she is such a ham. It’s great to have a ham…it’s so darn cute.


Playing with Little People

Morella in her room 24 hours after I had cleaned and organized.

Neeners up from her nap this afternoon.

I look over and Athena had picked up a soda can and pretended to drink from it. I ask you, WHY do the parks have to get rid of the garbage cans at Labor Day?

Morella walking. We are all a big fan of jeggings over here.

Me and Neeners on the camera timer.

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