Day 9: Glorious November day

Wow, the day was a beautiful! What did we do?

1. Got up. Got every one dressed one hour earlier than normal. Watched TV an hour earlier than normal — boy I really like this Oswald show … it’s so … weird.

2. Ate a late breakfast of pomegranate, peanut butter and yogurt. Got into the car and went to the Goodman Community Center for open gym. It was like Dad’s day — must have been at least 10 dads and kids. Everyone eventually went outside to play in the playground. I just don’t know if I like that place.

3. Came home and had tuna fish and fruit parfaits for lunch. Neeners went down for nap. Morella did not, despite much trying from me. Cleaned up the living room. Went outside to play. Read lots of books. Did lots of pretend sleeping.

4. Emily and Leo came over for an hour and they all played separately in the backyard.

5. Language Instructor came over. He was early and I almost missed him — because we were in the backyard. He was also sick so only stayed a 1/2 hour. Plenty of time. I remembered the digital camera and it recorded even though the neighbor and his stupid leaf blower was running the entire time (and some). I swear, this woman has two sons — one can use a rake and the other chases a leaf around for hours with that noise machine.

6. Instructor left and the aftermath of the girls was them covered in chalk paint, and then they dumped sand all over each other and rubbed it in. Bath time. They had a quick bath. Got dressed in jammies. Drove two blocks over to Emily and Leo’s house for a delicious pasta and strawberry dinner. Played. Came home.

7. Kids in bed by 7:00 and asleep. I dozed on couch and watched TV. For an 1 1/2 hours.
8. Friend Amy came over and visited until 10:10.
9. Went to bed at 10:20 – Morella slept through the night! I wish I could say the same for Neeners.

To sum it up. I was tired and couldn’t get of bed to post. Oh before I went to bed I got a text message from Tim saying that he won a Kindle! He even sent a photo of it. It’s for realz. I wish I had his luck. Nah, I got “life luck” – sure I could have a kindle, but I would much rather have an awesome husband, great kids, nice home, to be able to ‘work’ from home, fabulous friends, and good karma.

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