Last night I cleaned. Of course after watching the Michael Jackson special on TV. In the end, Tim and I just felt kind of sad for him. The press pusehd him too hard on some thing and made a bigger deal of out the bed than they should have. Come on, the dude is strange in EVERYTHING he does, why focus on one thing? I have to agree with the British reporter in Primetime that Micheal is just ‘under developed’. IF anything he had digressed over the past few years, to this state he is in now. And did not anyone else see just how lonely he was? So isolated. Sad. I would not trade places for anything.

…..after that, I wanted to work out a bit, so I cleaned the bedroom and even organized the closet. Now I have left to organize the shelves and make it pretty.I found enough cat hair to make another cat, and I fixed my night stand. Nice. 8) I wish I had a house to work on. I would be so cool. Callie is talking about getting a house, so she said I could help her work on hers. =^-^=

No plans this weekend.

Getting excited for Scotland.

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