Day 11: Exhausted

Long day. I had my friends 6 and 8 year old over this afternoon. It was good. We ate lunch of mini hot dogs in crescent rolls, watched some TV, walked to the grocery store to get some heavy cream and then played at the park afterward. Hilary came and picked up the girls and Morella went to bed shortly thereafter. She slept from 4-8, and Athena went to sleep at 5 — and except for a brief nursing stint at 9, is still asleep. I didn’t even change her from her clothes to jammies — but they are comfy clothes.

Morella got up, ate some dinner and chatted up a storm. Then we watched an episode of Angelina Ballerina while I nursed Neeners and then read 10-12 books. I just put her down now, but she is awake. I offered for her to sleep with me tonight but she said no. We’ll see if it stays that way. I am fully expecting a long, rough night ahead of me.

I also feel like crap. This may be some TMI, but I feel like I have my period. Not one of those easy ones either. I have a headache, I am exhausted, crampy, nauseous, nursing hurts, bloated, blah blah blah. It royally sucks. Last month at around this time I had very light spotting for a day and then it was gone. This time however I have all the added benefits without the actual … well not yet anyway. I have heard rumors that the first post partum period can be bad one and I am entirely inclined to believe it. I feel so crappy! I just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie and doze with a bottle of midol. Instead I get to look forward to a restless night’s sleep and a full day tomorrow.

Oh and I cooked dinner for a Mom in the play group – Cheesy Shepherds pie, Targets biscuits in a can (which are the best ever) and I made scones for dessert. I made a mini version of the pie for Morella and Athena and myself. I did manage to get enough of an appetite to eat it, if anything to counterbalance the painkillers. I didn’t actually get to deliver it though because the girls were asleep at drop off time. Thankfully Emily was able to pop over and pick it up and delivery it for me. It’s a good thing that Mom only lives about a 2 minute drive away.

But Tim comes back tomorrow night! In some respects I feel like this week went by pretty fast…maybe because it did. I bet it was all those awesome weather days we had. It is looking like rain and cold for the next handful of days. Crap, I forgot to bring in and put away all the toys outside. Sigh.

There is only so much one can do.

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