Day 12: Tim’s Home!

Tim came home today. We picked him up at the airport around 6:30 and the girls both had good naps today so they were ready to play when we got back home. Athena was really excited to see Tim, and though Morella wasn’t as enthusiastic when we walked in the door, she was before we went to pick him up.

I brought in the stroller and shopping cart from outside. I remember that Morella loved playing with those at her age and sure enough, Athena was very busily pushing them around inside. In fact, she was cracking herself up by running into me (she would barely touch me or get by me before dissolving into giggles) and repeat. Then she really got herself going when she run the stroller into the cart. Hilarity!

Two more cute Neener tidbits.

1. I was making dinner and she was in the living room playing (Morella was asleep). I walked in while the french toast was cooking and saw her lying in the middle of the floor, looking up at the fan with no toys around her. So I laid down next to her and she rolled over and adjusted her “pillow” — which is a playhouse doll size mattress about 2×3 inches in diameter. She was using it as a pillow! Then she she would pick it up and hand to me, and want me to lay down on it and share it with her.

2. I walked into the living room after picking her her recycling debris in the kitchen. Tim was standing up talking about his trip, Morella was laying on the floor playing with his suitcase and Neeners was standing on the couch with a back scratcher in one hand, banging a card board box in her other hand and screeching the entire time. She was such a little savage! Oh that girl, she is so funny these days.

Speaking of funny, Morella was watching an episode of Backyardigans and caught onto the concept of Knock Knock jokes. “Knock knock!” Me: Who’s there? Morella: Princess! I think it might take a little while longer for her to really figure it out, but it’s a step in the right direction.

This morning we went out shopping. I went to BRU to return the special friend for another one that played the soundscape noise longer, and got a few more clothes for Athena from the clearance rack (extra 30% off even). I am noticing a difference in the clothes I have for their ages, Athena doesn’t have as many long sleeved onsies as I would like. I also got Morella a pair of pants (size 2T because the 3T sizes although it’s good in length, fall off her butt) and a pair of legwarmers later at Target . Then we went to Borders and had lunch – shared carrot cake and a breakfast sandwich with sausage) and got a book for our new niece due to arrive next month, and a book for Morella. I don’t know how she convinced me to get it for her, but she got it. Lastly, we stopped at Target so I could look at their clearance and get some legwarmers and a toy for the niece. Morella got an adorable pink ruffle dress for he birthday and I got some more clothes for the said niece.

I have toyed with the idea of wrapping up Morella’s new clothes for her birthday — but that is sort of dumb, isn’t it? I mean does she *really* care if it isn’t a princess dress up outfit? Hm. Maybe I can just use them and know that is her birthday clothes.

Afternoon was spent napping (going out in the morning almost always guarantees a dual nap). I felt a ton better today except for the massive kink in my neck, and the communists didn’t show up. I think my body wants to have a period and gets more serious about it every month, but Athena still nurses enough to suppress it.

Oh and for the record, last night was a great night’s sleep. Morella slept through the night in her room, and Neeners only got up to nurse a few times while dozing. I actually felt well rested this morning.

2 thoughts on “Day 12: Tim’s Home!

  1. SArah

    Is Morella needing clothes? I have some I can send to you along with her Bday present — some that were Hilary’s that Ruth has outgrown, and other pieces Ruth has outgrown.

  2. Laura

    Hey Sarah,

    No I don’t think she needs more clothes. Clothes clothes clothes I feel like sometimes we are drowning in them and most of the time Morella wears only her favorite dresses and pink clothes. TO be honest I guess I didn’t need more pants for her — it’s just nice to have something new every once in while since most of her stuff has been around for ages. I like the 3T stuff, but she just isn’t there yet waist wise…most of the 3T stuff I do have for, including leggings, fall off her butt. So don’t go out of your way just yet, unless of course, you want to trim down your clothing collection too. ;)

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