Day 13: post from the iPad

I a posting from the iPad so please excuse any big typos or mistakes. It takes awhile to get used to tapping my letters. For example, it took me several tries to even get this far. Maybe if I did it really slowly…

It was a very grey and yucky day. The kind of day that requires you to turn the light on in the house to be able to see. These sorts of days makes me think of what life was like before electricity. Rather glum if you ask me…and probably quite cold.

We went to animart today for something to do, something to occupy the girls and help facilitate a nap for later. We ran into Noah and his parents who were there for the same reason. We decided to go to Cool Beans and have a pick me up while the kids played in the kids area. It was nice. We got home around four and the girls went down for a nap….which at this posting time is still in progress for Morella. Athena did get up for an hour and watched the rest of The Golden Compass and part of Legally Blond with me before hitting the sack an hour later. I hope they both sleep the whole night through. It is kind of strange to me that they are both doing this twice in one week. Maybe it is a side effect of Daylight Savings time. Regardless, I am grateful because I wanted to watch movies on tv, sort of a throw back to when I would do that all the time.

Tim was a dear and went to Culvers to get fish for dinner. We were going to go to Oshy, which is a seafood buffet for dinner, but early bedtime rendered that impossible. Perhaps tomorrow. It makes more sense anyway because that is Tim’s actual birthday. Yikes, I am going to have to make a cake! Maybe I can convince Morella to help me.

Alright, I am tired of hunting and pecking. Besides I was up this morning at 5:45 with these boogers and it looks like we are going to get a repeat performance tomorrow.

Fifteen years and one week ago tomorrow I will have met Tim for the first time.

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