Day 14: Tim’s Birthday

It was Tim’s birthday today — and it was great. Morella, Neeners and I made a card for him this morning which ended in them smearing finger paint all over their faces and hair. The end result of that was lots of giggles and a bath where each took their turn screaming their heads off about one thing or another. Then Athena took a nap and Morella and I started on making Tim’s chocolate birthday cake from scratch. It turned out good — though I’ll admit I am a fan of transfats in my cake mixes. :P

Tim let me sleep in a little this morning and when I got he went and took a nap. While he was sleeping I wrapped his birthday presents – two pairs of thick wool socks and two St. Pauli shirts – a polo and a t-shirt ordered straight from Germany. It wasn’t easy navigating a german only website to order it, but it worked out. I was surprised that they made it on time too! Hurray! He wanted to open them when get got up from his nap. Morella and Neeners both helped, and opened two presents I got for them from a “Santa’s Chimney at the St. Dennis holiday craft fair that I went to yesterday. You pay a quarter and they give you a wrapped gift for a girl or boy with some various age ranges. I LOVE them. I gave a buck and got a 24 pack of crayons, christmas coloring book, christmas felt bucket and a dress up bag with clip on pink earrings. Score.

Then I made Tim a shrimp scampi for lunch and a cream based sauce for the girls. It was good. After lunch, everyone bundled up and we went outside to clean up the yard and winterize. It wasn’t easy. Athena wouldn’t keep her mittens on (but did eventually keep her dang hat on) and Morella was throwing a tantrum every three minutes about whatever it was that Athena was doing. Finally, we were all sick of her screaming so we came inside. Before that, I did manage to clean up and organize the garage though, so that is nice.

Inside they screwed around a bunch more, we frosted the cake, and eventually the girls took a nap. Athena woke up half way through her and Tim brought her to me on the couch where she went back to sleep. It was nice to doze with a sleeping Neeners on the couch — reminded me of when she was teeny. Our dinner plans was to go to an all you can eat seafood and sushi buffet called Oysy. My tactic of getting the girls to wake up gently was to turn on the TV. Wonderpets was on, and within 10 minutes both girls were awake.

Dinner was great and the naps worked wonders. Morella was a dreamboat (Neeners was her usual naughty self) and after that we stopped at Hyvee to pick up some of Morella’s soymilk, whole milk (for strawberry milk — it’s my transition milk to get Morella to switch, Neeners won’t touch it, whole milk that is), fruit and some baking stuff I ran out off.

Came home, they played a bit, I unpacked groceries, we put them to bed and then watched The Walking Dead. I was dismayed to see that there are only 3 episodes left. What? It’s only a 6 banger? Just like Battlestar when they started. My guess it is like a tester to see if folks would really like it before they commit. Well commit already! I want more zombies!!

So yeah, it was a pretty awesome day. I love my husband, my kids, my life — I am happy.

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