So Friday night I had nothing better to do than to go through a box I found in the closet with pictures. It was a mess from early college, and high school with duplicates and what not. I decided to sort through the pictures and find all the duplicates. One of the stacks I found was a day in the life of me sometime in 1998….It’s crazy the people on that roll, I am going to have to scan it. Also, I am going to sort through the duplicates and send them to the appropriate people. I think it will be a nice surprise to have in the mailbox.

Saturday I slept until 10:00 and got up because I was hungry. I felt cross eyed and not quite right and found NO food in the kitchen. My darling ate all the breakfast items. I had a drink of orange juice and went back to bed. Forty five minutes later Tim comes in to get ready for his Mech Warriors tournament. He says “Do you want to go and see a movie tonight?” I respond “No, I am going to see one now. You can drop me off in Evanston (not a huge feat because he was going to pick up his friend Matt who also plays little robot figurine games).” I get dressed and we go. He drops me off in by the theater and I glance at the car clock, which reads 12.29. I’m still hungry, so I am debating getting food first or a ticket first. I decide for the ticket first, and go up. The lines are big and I wait. The next showing of Chicago is at 2.30….so my turn I sayd “One for Chicago, please.” She says “That will be 5.50″ I am shocked. What? IT was supposed to cost me 9.50….what’s going on? Oh, maybe if you buy your ticket before two, then they give you matinee prices? She gives me the ticket and I walk away. What? She gave me a ticket for the 11.35 showing of Chicago. I stand there. Confused. Looking at the ticket I read that the issue time is 11.38. Yet the show time says 11.35. It takes another full minute before I realize the actual time is 11.38 and the car clock is an hour ahead because we are lazy bastards and never change it. I get a pop and head to the movie in time to see two previews. Chicago was good, my favorite scene was the puppet scene… the worst part was getting a headache ten min into it. I knew I felt cross eyed for a reason.

After the movie, I went to Jewel for Advil and Clarks for breakfast. I got a table by myself and read Cryptonomicon (which is taking forever to read) and got the Denver skillet, with pan cakes. The waitress was super nice, so I gave her a big tip. Had a nice meal and enjoyed myself immensely, and decided to do a little shopping on the way to the train. Luckily while I was in Ala Card Tim called saying the game was over and that he could pick me up! I just had to wait 40 minutes which I could easily do by heading over to Tom Thumb (the biggest craft store you have ever seen). On the way I went into a flower shop and put together a little bouquet, and bought two plants. The lady was SO nice she gave me a pink rose as I was leaving (it later bloomed beautifully). Then at Tom Thumb I found three stamps, and some blank cards and envelopes (50!!!) — so I can easily make my own cards without having to cut the paper.

Tim picked me up…did so so on his Mech Warriors fight….Matt got second place. And we went home. I laid down for a while because now I had a stomach ache and a the remnants of a headache…laying down didn’t help, so I made some herb tea and started to watch movies, TV, play with stamps a bit…and knit. Tim and I watched: Jeepers Creepers (not that bad of a movie, Tim said he was actually scared for awhile there…), Angel, and Lifeforce (a rented DVD based on the novel Space Vampire’s) which actually wasn’t that bad, expect for too many suspended belief parts…).

Sunday we went grocery shopping, Tim got another storage unit for his growing Mech collection, and a PC game, socks, sweat pants and fleece sweater, rented: Ballistic, Insomniac, and Goldmember and War of the Monsters. Made dinner for Bekah and Greg who came over at 7:00, ate and then we all played War of the Monsters until 12.30 AM. That game is FUN.

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