Day 15: Neeners is Official

On June 29th, 2010 the Ho Chunk nation got one person richer — Neeners application for enrollment in the Ho Chunk nation was finalized! Of course, native bureaucracy as it is, I didn’t know about it until I called today for a status update. I had a feeling she was a member because Tim found her name listed in the March or April ho chunk paper, which is one of the last steps. Congratulations Athena! You are an official minority, complete with papers.

Speaking of Athena, she’s having a restless night that finally won her a dose of tylenol. Since then she has settled down considerably. I looked in her mouth today and counted six teeth — so maybe it’s that sixth tooth that is giving her trouble. Both she and Morella have been going through a developmental explosion! It’s amazing what they are coming up with, what they say, and how they play. I commented to Tim last night that all the folks with babies Neeners age are bragging about what words their kids can say. I said that Neeners doesn’t seem to have many words at all, and he replied “She doesn’t have words, she speaks in phrases.” I guess that is true. We can understand her phrases, though yesterday I swear I heard her say “Dalkor” – which is what Morella calls Falkor. Also, she still calls fire trucks … or any truck for that matter fuck. It was quite fun for awhile there to ask her about the “cluster truck”, etc.

Today was good in that I found my creative side again! This afternoon I was tired and sick of the same old crap that I always have to do around here that resets itself almost hourly. While Athena was taking her midday nap I pulled out some magazines, scissors and glue and worked on decoupaging a file folder. I finished it and it looks pretty good. Now do I cover it with tape or do the modge podge thing? I don’t know. I might do the other ones before I jump that bridge and do it all at once. Since that got the creative juices flowing, and receiving our first Christmas card of the year, I pulled out the super fancy felted stocking kit that I was working on for Morella, and started to do that tonight while relaxing with some TV. There is something *so nice* about sitting in front of stories and doing something crafty. I remember when I would spent nights on end doing that. To be honest, I haven’t felt much like crafting at all the last year. I’ll get a burst here and there, but over all, my heart just wasn’t in it. While that was the case, I acutely felt how much I missed it. I think part of it is, that in the past year I started to think of them as a waste of time, and hooky and stupid when I should be doing important things like putting toys away, folding laundry or washing the dishes. Okay okay, and writing in my journal. My journals always trump everything else when it comes to using personal time.

Personal time. I decided last week while Tim was on his trip that I need to start taking a night for myself again. Tim has Thursday nights with his gaming to get out of the house and do something just for him, and it’s high time I do that again for myself. I am thinking right now that it’s just going to be a trip to a coffee house or something and study ho chunk — but it would be nice to have company. So if anyone wants do sit around with me doing something that is occupying — other than having me visit the whole time, give me a holler. I had started to do that with Morella before I became pregnant with Athena and lost all drive to do anything but crawl into bed early and sleep.

Lastly, I feel like today is a new chapter. Fall is done and winter is here. Though there isn’t snow on the ground and we do still get outside during the day, we have winterized the yard and put all the toys away and cleaned the garage. The basement bar area has been set up for rainy/cold/snow playtime area and I have plans to work on making the basement more functional and clean. It’s a mess down there, I won’t lie. A ton of that stuff is baby stuff that I am waiting to pass on, however I will also be watching a new baby next summer three times a week, so maybe I might want that….nah. Do I really want the swing up here? Ugh. It takes up so much freaking space, especially with an active toddler and preschooler.

So yeah, new chapter. New season. I finished my other paper journal and busted out a fresh one today — first entry was Neeners tribal ID. I’d like to write more in it tonight after this, but I am so very tired. This afternoon I had a moment of wanting to call in sick, play hooky and take the day off because my heart wasn’t in it. I was just too tired to do this whole parenting thing. Instead I bundled up the kids, went outside with my ho chunk parent phrase book and walked around the yard, sweeping, playing, running.

Later Emily and Leo came over and the kids all were quiet for a glorious 1.5 hours … playing independently. Actually Leo was playing with Neeners — I think she liked hanging out with him because he was so wrapped up in what he was doing and not pushing her away screaming “mine” that she mistook it for cooperative play. In any case, everyone was happy as clams – especially Emily and I because we got a break.

One thought on “Day 15: Neeners is Official

  1. Laima

    Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I’ll come and work on stuff w/out keeping up constant chatter at a coffeehouse! In fact, I just scheduled a semi-unpredictable reminder to make “me” time (and also to breathe) through this totally nifty semi-unpredictable email service!

    Make sure you check out the link that shows you the thigns that other people are setting up as reminders — it’s pretty fun!

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