Day 16: Tired

Boy it’s hard to come up with titles for everything. Maybe I should save that for last … hm.. I had a crappy night’s sleep last night thanks to Neeners, who at this very moment is squalling from the bedroom. I still need to put my jammies on, take out my contacts, brush my teeth and wash my face. Ugh, some people like doing a bedtime ritual, but I hate it. I think I like morning rituals better.

So yeah, sorry this is short. Since I have to do that stuff I don’t want her to just get louder and more upset. I know we should probably think about working on her sleeping through the night, but ugh. What do people in other countries do? I wish I had more of a global perspective on the finer points of raising babies and toddlers. Sometimes I feel like the american version is just so harsh and discipline driven….or maybe it’s too indulgent.

3 thoughts on “Day 16: Tired

  1. Bekah

    Well, I can let you know that it’s pretty much the same here in France and also in England. Depending on the parent, you either let the child cry until they fall asleep or you coddle him/her to sleep every night. Some parents here are even starting to be extremely lazy and are putting a television in the child’s room (as young as 1 years old) and letting their child fall asleep to a movie or a show. My sister-in-law (from Greg’s side) is Chinese and she was pretty strict about bedtime. The kids were put in the bedroom at bedtime after a story and forced to stay in there until they fell asleep, even if they cried forever. Not sure if that is a Chinese custom but everything else she does is pretty Chinese so I would be surprised if she was trying to be western about that. Just to let you know that I think every country has a trying time teaching their kids to go to sleep on their own and that it can seem pretty harsh (like I suppose all discipline is). :P

  2. Sarah

    I wonder about the global perspective on young children and mealtimes. I often look around at our dinner table, at the tantrums, flung food, and crazy gloppy mess on table, furniture, and clothes (including mine), and I can’t imagine a Parisian mother accepting that, or Japanese. How do more stylish or fastidious cultures handle these years?

  3. sehba hussain

    well .. as mine.. an Indian experience says.. children easily sleep with parents in their room.. on their bed.. Though it is not good at all for parents’s privacy. yup! but from child’s point of view its great. They sleep calmly throughout the night under the warmth of their mommy, it also strengthens the relationship bond between the two.

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