Day 17: Birthday hijinks and Princesses

I have kind of a tummy ache tonight so I am going to hit the hay soon. Tim is out having a drink with someone he met at the Pass conference last week and will be late. Last night he crashed at bed time, and tomorrow I have the girls for his gaming thing, so that will be three days in a row. Never fear, faithful readers, I have a line up of my own this weekend starting with a Holiday Art Fair on Friday night, dinner out with Tim and another couple Saturday night (complete with baby sitter) and hopefully brunch with some lady friends on Sunday late morning. I haven’t had such a booking of me only time in awhile!

Morella in motion

The proper Princess

Making Daddy his birthday card. It started with Neeners (doesn’t it always?) and soon both of them were “Washing their hair with paint”

Tim’s birthday cake that Morella and I made.

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