Today is D Day for our dear Jessica. Holly has come back and been appraised of the Jessica Situation, and conveniently has arranged for a six month review to happen with her today, in their normal meeting. At three o’clock. Andrew, the temp and my morning ride for a least until next Friday has predicted that she will be cling. She won’t quit. When you are as defensive as her, then you cannot quit because that would me mean failure.

Boy, when I had my first review with Holly, it was my three month. I thought I was doing okay…still learning the ropes and such, but all in all okay. Then I met with Holly and ended up crying. She made my cry, ladies and gentlemen…and the ironic thing is…it was a good review! I do not envy Jessica right now. She has no idea what is about to happen. … .and yet. I am excited. I am evil. I do not like this woman, and working with her takes every ounce of professionalism I have.

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