Day 21: Sunday Recap

This morning I got up with the girls and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while everyone tried to recover from last night — meaning mostly the girls and their late night. Morella didn’t go to sleep until around 11. It was ridiculous. I had no idea that babysitters were so much fun. I took a shower, made some scones, emptied garbage, and changed the sheets and pillow cases on the bed before heading over to Laima’s for a brunch. It was quite pleasant because Laima made a super delicious eggs Benedict and roasted potatoes with Mimosas, scones, cranberry coffee cake and short bread cookies were brought by myself, Cecci, Lowen and Hilary. We visited for a couple of hours before I had to break it up so I could come back and get the girls ready for a birthday party across the street, go shopping in the basement for a gift and wrap it.

I came back and Tim told me that Neeners had just gone down at 1:00 (despite several attempts by me earlier where she went to sleep but woke up as soon as I put her in the crib) and Morella followed suit at 1:30. The party started at 2, but we didn’t see any cars. Eventually I just wrapped the gift and took it over myself and learned that the party had been canceled due to illness. I stayed for a little bit, had some cake and admired the boys gifts. I came home, Tim left for Best Buy to buy a came after raking the yard one last time for the year and rested, putzed on the internet and wrote in my journal.

Neeners and Morella woke up and we had leftover venison stew for dinner, played some kinetic xbox, painted and then Neeners wanted to go to bed. After that it was another huge trial to get Morella to go to bed. That girl just doesn’t want to sleep. Instead she just wants to be crabby all day. :P SIL Sarah called and we agreed that brownies with frosting, candles and singing would be enough for the kids on Thanksgiving to recognize their birthday. After all, we are going to do something for Morella Tuesday for her actual birthday so it’s all good. She only really cares about the song, candles and frosting anyway.

I finished the day by studying some hochunk and watching The Walking Dead (and yes, entered for the third time for a chance to win a shambling walk on role — how cool would that be? For the record I also tried multiple times to win a role on Stargate SG1, but never won…obviously). I think Tim is taking the car tomorrow so I will have to wait until Monday night to go and buy Morella’s big birthday present — she is getting a bean bag, and one extra so Neeners won’t steal hers.

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