Day 23: Morella is 3

Three years ago one of my most fervent wishes as an adult came true – I became a mother. My daughter was born at 2:28 AM after a long day of inducement, labor and delivery, squalling like a brisk winter breeze. She was laid on my chest I smelled the iron tang of blood and felt a squirming, tiny little bundle of muscle, bone and soft skin. I looked at her and saw that she had the tiniest of dimples on her left check and a head full of blond hair, and I held her close to my chest and breathed a sigh of relief that it was done. Except, you know it wasn’t because I had a retained placenta, and with no pain medication the initial attempts to unretain it were the most excruciating minutes of my life – worse than when I broke my back. So my sweet little bundle was sent off with the nurses under the watchful eye of her new father while I was whisked away for a procedure. Morella spent the first hours of her life getting to know her Daddy -a bond that has only strengthened as the years go by.

Morella is everything I ever dreamed a sweet child could be and more…so much more, especially as she gains mastery of communication and understanding of the world around her. It’s awe inspiring to be a part of what shapes her formative years, to help guide her, watch over her and help her to become the amazing woman I know she will one day be. She is a sensitive, gentle, cautious soul. She watches and considers before she jumps (very different from her little sister in this respect). She is a chatterbox and will talk your ear off. She loves to show off her various skills when she is comfortable with you. She loves to dance, make jokes, yell at Falkor for being stinky, watch TV/movies, princesses, dress up, play outside, role play, have tea parties, explore, sort, drink 8th continent vanilla soy milk, pink, paint, say no neeners, read books, mouse friends, go for walks, swing, frosting, and music.

She is scared of the furnace, and loves sound machines. She wants to always know what you are doing and where you are going. She has named dances: dragon dance, princess dance, go crazy dance, — in fact we have now gotten at least three separate comments on how she should take dance lessons. I guess she is three now, the gate way age to everything.

She answers every question with “I know…” (even when she doesn’t), which is a step from “no”

She is 37 inches tall and 26 pounds and informed me this afternoon that the Doctors were bad because they made her leg hurt. She is small and slender and perfectly healthy.

All in all, I think she had a great day. She and her sister got bean bag chairs, she got a remote control puppy, a deck of princess cards, stickers, a snow angel dress up costume, pink carnations with baby’s breath, a headband and tiara – and the creme de la creme — a minicake decorated with Cinderella and her mouse friend figurines (including a girl mouse in a PINK dress!!!!) that I found at HyVee at the last minute. To say this girl was heaven upon laying eyes on her cake is an understatement. She was even more pleased to learn that Neeners could absolutely not play with her mouse friends because they were too small. To be honest, I am pretty sure Neeners has passed the stage of putting anything unfoodlike in her mouth, but you just never know. Better safe than sorry — in regards of choking and angry older sisters over the handling of their most precious toys.

Well, it’s bedtime. It was a long day and tomorrow I have to bake a couple pies, make some dip, pack, wrap a gift or two for the birthday cousin, drop the dog off…ugh. There is a lot to do.

Happy Birthday Morella!

One thought on “Day 23: Morella is 3

  1. Jess

    Emma is in love with that dress. She pointed to the picture and yelled “BEEEEBO” (beautiful) I have to say, im a bit envious of those wings myself…

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