Big loser

Whoops. I guess all it took was a Thanksgiving holiday in parts of rural Wisconsin with dial up internet connection to make me fail…or was it because I wanted to fail. Because I am a big loser? Probably both, but…I can still work on trying to post every day as my holiday gift to both you and me. ;)

Thanksgiving was great. The food was awesome, it was relaxed and nice to hang with Tim’s family and nieces and nephew. There was an exciting announcement on another baby arrival — dude that means there will be FOUR babies born in less than a year – talk about a population explosion. By Christmas next year, the grandparents will have 9 grandchildren aged six an under, with a two year gap between the six and the four (Morella) year old…if that gives you an idea of the babyage that we are talking about here.

Morella and her cousin Zeland, who have a birthday a day apart had mini present opening parties. Morella made out like a Princess Bandit. Seriously. I can’t believe all the different kind of princess stuff they have out there, and the awesome thing is that she loved every single thing that she got. She enjoyed opening gifts (like a little old lady) and appreciating the finer touches like a pink bows and shiny paper. Even though she didn’t get a party, I think she had a wonderful time. She isn’t going to get a party until she is old enough to invite a few of her favorite friends, which probably isn’t going to be until school. Family parties don’t really count.

We came back late Friday night, picked up the dog, put the kids to bed and then crashed ourselves. Saturday Tim went car shopping, and later that afternoon we all went to a dealership and bought a car — a Mazda 5. We needed another car because the snow is imminent and Tim’s bike path turns into a snowmobile path as soon as the white stuff hits it. At first we were just going to get a small commuter car, but then I started to think about it – we need a bigger car for for Chistmas traveling and giving my brother a ride, we need a car to replace the Scion when it breaks down (hopefully not for years and years) and we needed a car that would fit the girl’s carseats (britax marathons), and we got a great price – $17,419.85 total, for a brand new, manual car. We pick it up on Tuesday. And actually this is going to be my car – as Tim is going to use the Scion to drive to work.

So that was a nice big expense — but we held off for six months. On the way home we stopped at Toys R Us to get Morella a Christmas gift (that is only sold in specialty shops and Toys R Us – Calico Cozy Critters Milky Mouse family set (plus the twin babies, sold separately).

After we got home, I dropped the family off and went to Ace Hardware to use a 50% off coupon, and my $5 rewards before it expired and I ended up getting us a new Christmas tree. It’s a tall 7 1/2 footer, but narrow. The last one we had was 12 years old and looked like a drowned Christmas tree. I would sort of like to recycle it in someway — but Tim says we should just get rid of it. Sigh. Now I just have to clean up this house so I can start to decorate – I have a bunch of new stuff collected from clearance last year, and garage sales that I am looking forwarding to using. I already took down the rest of the fall stuff and put it a way yesterday.

Oh man — Morella just said for the first time “I hate Neeners!” Is this discipline worthy? It sure seems like it. What would you do?

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