Not Enough Hours in the Day

As I am sure most people feel from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, but it’s true! I need a game plan. I need to sit down and figure out all the things I want the kids to do, what I want to do, what I am going to bake, when I am going to make ornaments, when are we going to see the Christmas Tree at the Capitol, go for a drive to all the light up houses, etc.

Today the girls took some mega naps. They were so mighty, in fact, that I took a two hour nap myself. This morning started off okay. I was inspired to go take the girls in the double stroller for playtime at the library to meet up with another Mom from the play group. It took some convincing to get the girls dressed — for some reason all Morella wants to do these days is stay home, inside. I understand that after a summer and fall of being outdoors constantly, however — winter is coming. Winter means endless colds, snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and being stuck inside. We *have* to get out while we can, and today was nice — being around 40-45 when we left and returned.

At the library we were doing fine for an hour, until two other Mom’s and three (1-3 in age) boys showed up. So far before that it was just the my girls and one other girl – age 2, and a wee infant. All of a sudden Morella came up to be bawling and saying she wanted to go home. I asked her what was wrong and she said she wanted to go to her bed. I asked her why and she just kept repeating it. Of course I should have known she had gotten hurt, she always wants to go to her bed when she is hurt. But instead I took her to the bathroom to go potty since she downed a whole cup of soymilk, and then took her to Walgreens to get some candy canes for the Christmas tree. She was actually okay by then. We went home, and Neeners was a zombie — almost asleep but not quite.

On the way home Morella says “That boy was naughty.”
“What boy?” I asked, starting to suspect.
“That boy at the library. He was naughty.”
“How was he naughty?” I asked.
“He hit me,” she replied.
“Oh Morella! That is why you wanted to go home. You have to tell me if anyone ever hurts you. It isn’t okay to hit, and I would have talked to his Mommy about it.”


Anyway. My friend Lowen walked over for lunch and I made a chicken melt (canned chicken, chopped tomatoes from our summer garden, and shredded cheddar cheese with mayo – the olive oil one) and canned soup. I really needed to go grocery shopping. But she had brought over some pumpkin cake, so it was all good. The girls went down for naps, we chatted a bit more and then she went home with a box of extra ornaments I had gotten on clearance last year because I knew we were getting a bigger tree this year – turns out I didn’t them. This is her first year having a tree as an adult, so it’s nice to know that I am contributing to a part of future traditions. :D

So yeah, the girls napped. Got up around 4:30 and 5:00 and we had easy mac for dinner while I uncovered the kitchen from the massive mess it accumulates over the weekend. Tim got home, he ate left over lunch and we all played. Even though Neeners slept four hours and got up at 5 — by 7:30 she was complaining about going to bed. I put her down and voila! Asleep. Morella however, would be another story. One that I didn’t have to worry about because I hightailed it outta here as soon as Neeners was asleep to go to Target and HyVee. At Target I got baby shower presents for this weekend, a new winter jacket for Morella (20% off Circo clothing item coupon in today’s mail), two turtle necks, a thomas the engine battery powered train for Neeners (xmas), deodorant, some glade melting oil thingies, and infant acetaminophen. It took FOREVER! I hate shopping off registries … and so I did get some things that weren’t on it because … well I hate shopping off registries. I did get the gift receipt just in case they hate my thoughtful gift. :P

After that was HyVee, which I was only going to get Morella’s milk and then hit the cheaper Woodman’s grocery store on the way home for the rest, but I was tired but then and just barreled through with things I knew we needed like: lots of fruit, shade grown, organic people friends coffee, various meats, pasta, and an assortment of milks. I use lactose free, Tim like’s Skim, Morella has her 8th Continent Vanilla Soy, and I also got whole milk for strawberry milk (my attempt to mainstream her into normal milk). OH yeah and I got a lactose free egg nogg. ;)

On the way out I shamed a trashily dressed woman sitting in the Caribou coffee part next to the front door yapping on her cell phone. You see when I entered the store a very old woman with a cart full of groceries sat down on one of those motorized chairs. When I left, she was still there. I commented “You are still waiting?” She nodded wearily. I said “For who?” and she replied “My daughter.” I paused, shook my head and said “Maybe she needs another phone call.” The old woman raised her hand and waved me off. As I was leaving I looked back and saw trashily dressed woman jump to her feet and start pushing the woman’s cart out to the parking lot.

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