I just got a box of chocolates!


It was from a student who asked about a computer a couple months ago, and I finally gave to her this last week. It’s a G4…it’s only sin was not having a lot of memory and being a bit slow. She is having it on a “permanent” loan. But the box of chocolate was a thank you. How nice is that?

Last night we played pool, and darts. It was fun. I got drunk on three beers! Not smoking really makes the alcohol work for you. On the way home we stopped at the lighthouse for another beer, and then went to bed. I was tired as heck. This morning I woke up to Migo pulling my glasses off the nightstand. Stupid cat knocked them down, and of course without my glasses…. I can’t find my glasses. I had Tim find them for me.

Oh last night I made whipped Jello for the first time. It is REALLY tasty.

Tim wore red plaid pants, and a red shirt today. I can’t believe he dressed up for Valentines. Who is this Tim of mine?

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