Trying and new car day

Today felt like one big slush of a day. I only just now, at 10:45 PM got to take the shower I so desperately wanted to take all day. From the minute I opened my eyes (after a restless night from both girls) until 9:30 when Morella finally dropped off to sleep I was on the go. Morella has been sleeping like a total nut job — going to bed super late and so it can make for a sobby, crabby girl. This morning I swear she spent a good portion of just crying over every little thing, fighting with her sister…I did have to laugh at one point. She had come into tell me Neeners was on her bed, or wanted a particular puppy (which Morella had shown no interest in until Neeners picked it up) and was throwing a massive tantrum in the living room. I watched as she threw herself onto the pink bean bag chair no less than 13 times and wailing about the injustices of a little sister.

I did get her out of the house for a little one on one time at the local library for a toddler yoga class. She loved it. She loved that it was a class for movement, and that her friend Bree was there to goof around with. It did seem to temper her mood for a while. When we got back I put Neeners down for a nap and let her watch some TV while I got in about 10-15 minutes of me time — though I wasn’t allowed to leave the living room without her following me asking me what I was doing, won’t I come back and sit next to her, etc. I was pretty upset when Athena woke up after 40 minutes. Too short. Too short indeed for everyone involved. If she had sleep at least 2 hours, I could have gotten Morella down for a much needed nap too. But she was up, and the next time they napped was in the car on the way to pick up our new Mazda 5.

We left a trail of food crumbs at the dealership, and I am sure they were all a little confused as to why we weren’t excited about getting a new car. Though I am pretty sure they were excited to see us go after Athena screamed at the top of her lungs for the fun of it for about 5-10 minutes, after they had chased each other around the cars in the showroom for the previous hour. I was so ready to go and just be home and have them in bed so I could just … stop.

I felt a little bad for our language instructor as he arrived to a disaster of a living room. I am fairly certain he had to navigate a path to reasonably free spot on the couch, with minimal clearing. Oh well, he had little kids once, and has grandkids so I am sure he’s seen worse. It was good session — we finished going through the alphabet and so I can say with a little bit of confidence that I can know read the hocak language and sound words out by myself with some level of accuracy. It will take a lot of practice, but you know when we first started I had no idea how to even read or pronounce words correctly. I have started to make little labels to put around the house, and refreshed the dry erase board with good things to say and incorporate into our daily life.

I made chili for dinner but we didn’t eat it. Instead Morella said she was hungry on the way home driving with daddy in the new car (btw, she now calls Tim – Dad – when she is calling for him). When we got home she ate one fry and drank some chocolate milk and that was that. I had a baked potato and a bacon cheeseburger…this on top of having a big mac last night to curb hunger shopping. I know, I know, you don’t gain all that weight in two days but .. ugh! I have my first fancy (I think) holiday party on Friday to go. You know what — I’ll overdress anyway. Anything that says “cocktails” in the invitation obviously means wear that vintage looking dress you wore to Ben and Kelly’s wedding. How many times am I going to have the opportunity to wear it?

Lastly, I have been thinking of this perfume that my Mom wore when I was a little girl. I remember loving it, and the bottle had a little pig on it. I think it was on the stopper. My Mom has never been rich, so it couldn’t have been too expensive — does anyone know what I am talking about? I would love to get a bottle if it is still made.

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