I love technology

Last night I was up until 11:20 or so making Linzer cookies — they turned out beautifully! But the best part was that I could do it while watching Bones on Netflix, streaming onto my Ipad. Never before have I been able to watch TV while baking and decorating cookies. It made the time go by so much faster, and it was so much more enjoyable. Tonight it’s spritz cookies. My friend Laima gave me a cookie press a few years ago and I have tried two years of using it — and hate it. It just doesn’t work that well. Well, I had given up on spritz cookies forever until yesterday afternoon when I found the spritz cookie kit I had gotten myself at a garage sale for $3 bucks before Laima had given me that set. Three bucks is a fortune in garage sale money, so surely this set must be good. Right?

Tim is off having his hair cut. Today is his work from home day. I would have taken Neeners with me to Morella’s yoga class this morning, but Neeners is sick. She had a slight fever before she went to bed 100.8 and then at 4:30 was hotter than a pancake at 102.5. I changed her out of her fleece jammies into cotton separates and let her sleep in my bed, after I gave her medicine, juice with a splash of ginger ale, and watching early morning TV by the light of the Christmas tree for an hour.

Hold on, gotta do Advent calendars with the kids….

So yoga was canceled this morning because I wouldn’t have been able to take Neeners with me to the class since Tim’s appointment was scheduled at the same time. Language was canceled tonight because of a funeral in BRF. I wonder who it was … so now I have the whole day to be stuck inside! Woo.

Tim is home. Nutz.

One thought on “I love technology

  1. Laima

    Dude. If you *hate* the cookie spritz machine-y do, then get rid of it! (maybe you already did) There are several models (gun, twist-y, etc.) to try! But hey – it sounds like your own garage sale find works well :) yay!!!

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