Stuck in the house

Poor Neeners has not left the house in days due to a various kinds of colds. I think if I had to think about it, the last time she left the house was Monday for a playgroup — boy I hope those other kids didn’t get sick, but then again maybe the girls got sick from there. Winter playgroups…stay in the house and not risk infection? Or leave the house to gain sanity and risk infection? Ha ha.

Morellla came down with Neeners yesterday evening. Last night was one of the roughest nights we have had since Morella was a baby. Ugh. Morella was up so much I almost threw in the towel and decided to stay up all night instead of enduring the torture of going to bed only to not know if you will ever get too sleep. I am of the opinion when it comes to sleep that one should get it if they can, no matter how difficult. ;) Athena woke up with bags under her eyes this morning and lots of hollering. It’s kind of cute. She looks older than she is.

The other day Tim ccouldn’t resist waiting until Christmas to give me my Christmas present. I have trying to guess what it could be the past couple of weeks, but I never would have guessed. He told me that it was stupid that I wan’t using it now because it would make my life so much easier. Guess what it was? It is a tyPad. I had never even heard of such a thing, but it’s basicallly a little keyboard that works via bluetooth so that I can type on the ipad. It’s brillant, and I am using it right now.

I love this ipad. When I first got it, I was a little leary of how great it would be, and in fact kept on using the old laptop becuase I could type better. But that battery is fast dying and the only way that you can use it is if it is plugged in. Plus it takes forever to load up…it’s just fast to use the ipad because the battery life is long, it can follow me around the house, the kids can play games on it, we can watch movies on it, and now I can type on it. Hence my first post using the tyPad.

It’s going to be a long day. Tim had to leave this morning to drive to Milwaukee for a meeting. We both had a crappy nights sleep, and I told him that even so I would much rather take his trip than be stuck in the house with sick kids for yet another day. Morellla hates being sick and is super miserable kid. I wish she was the kind of kid that would just have a runny nose and go about her day.

Right now they are putting chapstick on each other’s face. It’s kind of cute, both of them in their footed jammies, and sick. Moment just killed…Morella walked up and shoved Neeners over. Really. These kids spent so much of their time fighting with each other.

Oh look, Athena found her puppy that we had put in the bathroom to dry off after she dunked it in the dog water yesterday.

Now Morella wants Neeners to follow her…what trouble can this lead too?

Lastly, I went out for my weekly Get Out Of the House on Wednesday. I went over to my friend Amy’s, after putting Neeners down and accidentallly taking a little nap. I saw her awesome basement and was almost inspired to try harder with my basement. I got in a little work on Morella’s stocking, chatted with her kids and after they went to bed we headed off to the Great Dane East to meet my friend Hilary for some end of the semester drinks. Her neighbor was also there, so we had a good foursome. I stayed much later than I intended, but was still in bed by 11:30 — not that it made a difference. :P

Oh there is screaming coming from the bathroom. At least Tim made some good coffee this morning. I am also going to be baking cookies — spritz and thumbprints today.

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