This weekend was a weekend filled with more movie watching, popcorn eating (which has greatly improved since we bought ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter — Spray” to spray on it with it’s zero calorie buttery goodness, and eating out at IHOP. We watched:

Ballistic: Echs VS Sever –> Worst action film I have seen in years. Ack. Tim asked “How hungry *was* Antonio?

Imposter –> What? This movie was great! Gary Sinase is a civilian that gets replaced with a clone with a bomb in it. Or has he? I really liked it, the plot was well laid, you kept guessing till the end… Tim said it was better than Minority Report. I have to agree.

Goldmember –> Eh.

Insomniac –> It was good. Robin Williams totally reminds me of the this carpentry guy that get assigned to me for …well carpentry issues. Same creepy smile always there…an underlying since of rage. Ew. I don’t like him and wouldn’t trust him alone. But he gets my stuff done for me…so I have to be nice. AND Al Pacino..did he really stay up for six days to look that hellish in the end?

We didn’t rent any more movies for this upcoming week, because of our trip. So we watched three episodes of Babylon Five, and the taped Angel. Tonight we finally have the conclusion of Joe Millionaire that SHOULD have played last week. Stupid fox. My predicition is that one of the female contestants is actually a millionaire looking for love. We shall see, it all ends tonight.

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