Holiday Stresss

Why do I do this to myself? Gah. I spent a good portion of my valuable free time tonight watching TV while working on projects. The deadline is here! I don’t have time to sit in front of the tube while leisurely working on things…ugh. I got some presents wrapped, drank some candy cane decaf green tea, worked on Morella’s stocking a bit and that was about it.

What do I have left to do? Well, I need to finish Morella’s stocking. I briefly entertained the idea of just using Tim and my stocking, but the problem with that is that Morella will remember. She will remember both her and Neeners for next year. So I can’t just do that. I have to at least finish hers and then put a boring stand in for Neeners until next year. I will work on her stocking after the holidays and leisurely watch movies…and really enjoy it. I imagine myself staying up into the wee hours of the night like on Little House on the Prairie when Ma stayed up to make them dresses. Except I hate the idea of how tired I would be tomorrow. A day of complete exhaustion is not worth it. Right? I say that now…I have four days.

I need to pack up the cookie boxes and write cards to go with them for the neighbors cookie boxes. Then we have to hand them out tomorrow.

I have to figure out a Christmas Eve menu — and make it the most magical night ever.

I have to figure out what to pack and how we are going too fit everything in the car…thank goodness for the mini mini van.

I have to pay the taxes – ugh we were short, so that is another bill. Add on the funeral leftover, and the insurance for the new car and wow, the bills really piled up this month. Thank god that Tim makes the big bucks (aka we have money saved) and I don’t have to worry about it too much. Just thinking of it as a loan for tax refund…

I have to call and get Falkor into the kennel and hope they aren’t full. I wonder if they would do a dog washing…probably not. It is the holidays after all.

I have to finish wrapping gifts. I have a box I need to send out too a friend…gotta find a box, and then package it, go to the post office and blah blah blah.

In other news, I took Athena and Morella out too play in the snow this evening. I say evening even though it was actually more like late afternoon. It was dark out. Morella loves it outside. She’ll stay outside until the cows come home or she gets really cold and then cries about how cold she is when she comes back in. We are going too have to set limits on how long she can stay outside now before having to come in and warm up for awhile. Neeners however, was appalled at having to be outside. Like toddler Morella before her, she hates being out in the cold and snow. She hated her boots and walking in them. I did think she was super adorable in the finnish snowsuit and her little red hat.

Oh I have pictures I need to upload. I was working on that this morning ….

It feels like I am in that commercial about depression where they talk about winding themselves up to do anything. I totally have to wind myself up to try and get that spark to do anything. The morning is spent in a fog until I get that coffee working, doing things on automatic like changing Neeners diaper and getting her dressed (it has to be done at the same time because she hates both the diaper and dressing aspect of it and fights like a pittbull), getting Morella dressed, myself dressed — and showered sometimes (like today), write my Mom, clean up a little. Today I focused on cleaning the kitchen. Swept and mopped the floor, did the dishes, ran the dishwasher, put things away. Its a never ending battle — a lot like making meals. I just despise the drudgery of constantly thinking of meals that the kids won’t eat, all while doing it with one arm because Neeners wants to be carried.

At least they are over their colds. I just have thick boogery caterpillars too wipe off their faces every 15-30 minutes instead of every 3-5. It’s progress.

Well, Neeners is making noise. I should probably get to bed. Tim is working from home tomorrow, I haven’t studied Hochunk in almost two weeks, and there is a lesson tomorrow. Not to mention that great big list I have already put before you.

Oh I did make two little cute owl ornaments for the girls marking this year for the tree. I also worked on real star ornaments with Morella during Neeners nap time, complete with glitter and glue and paint. Morella was in heaven. She loves the big girl activities that she gets to do with me when Neener is asleep. I just wish she would take a nap herself.

Also, I feel like punching all those idiots that assured me that Neeners and Morella would be the best of friends, play together, etc. Morella wants nothing to do with Neeners … it’s constant fighting.

Oh the noise has escalated to crying. She is so needy lately!

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