Hm Live journal is down today, and last night I do believe. I was going to post the previous link in that too…but it won’t come up. I haven’t been able to get my daily cup of spying in. Kind of shortened my morning procrastination ritual too.

Today I had some Baja Express with Tim, over at Willo-bee. It wasn’t that great, Chipolte still beats them. Hell Taco Bell beats them. Last night I scanned, and worked on a letter to a pen pal. Letter three to Kim, who lives in the mountains. I also picked up two more potential penpal’s…we shall see how it works out. I am actually rather glad that I have been keeping up the five new ones, while maintaining friends and family. My New Year’s resolution is working out well still.

Kate brought me a flyer to Bert Menco’s art exhibit reception next week, but I am going to be gone! *wail* I wanted to stalk stalk stalk. To show up and be like…”Oh…Bert? Is that YOU? What a coincidence.” Nah. I don’t know if I could do that with a serious face…especially after Jenni told him that I had a dream about him and he came over for the details the VERY next day after being gone for like a month or so. CRAP! I was going to link you to Bert’s site…but’s down too. What the hell is up with the internet today? Strike?

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