Happy New Year 2011

Heya, Happy new year folks. Our holiday has been great. Tim had a four day weekend (still tomorrow before the holidays end), and I have enjoyed taking off the last two days to just …. do whatever I want. It’s been great and I can only imagine what kind of creative energy can come from it.

Last week was busy. Thursday we went to a birthday party at the Children’s Museum followed by an after party at the birthday girls house until 7:ish. They were in bed by 7:30 …. then Friday we all went to Milwaukee to celebrate with two if Tim’s siblings, their significant others and kids. Morella and Neeners were in cousin heaven. We all went swimming — some of more than others — I can’t wait until Morella and Neeners actually like swimming instead of just poking water. They did like soaking their feet in the hot tub though, and I loved soaking my whole self in the hot tub. I haven’t experienced such heaven in …. ages. It’s almost enough to get a membership to someplace so I can use a sauna/hot tub on a weekly basis.

Anyway. We have been struggling now with getting Morella to bed at a reasonable hour. She did make it to midnight for NYE, but has also been screwing around with bedtimes because she is taking late naps. Starting tomorrow we ned to crack down on that. No more long naps, and she will be woken at 5:00, no matter when she went down. Hm…maybe I should make that more like 4:30.

I have been mulling over resolutions. I usually feel like January is a thought process and actual resolutions aren’t solidified until the end of the month. So far …

–more exercise, get back into the shape I was in before getting pregnant with Morella

–ho-chunk language
–Neeners potty trained
–Neeners out of our room
–Morella to share a room with Athena
–put stones around the front garden area
–clean the bathroom once a week
–keep trying to write Mom six days a week
–finish Morella’s stocking
–start and finish Neeners stocking

That is is what I have so far. I would like to put some challenging things on this goal list, and some things that can be done easily if I just work at it a little at a time….but there needs to be something inspiring. Something that brings a unique interesting part of me …back? forward? uncovered?


One thought on “Happy New Year 2011

  1. Mark

    Laura, This reminds me that I have pictures from New Years to send you. Do you want all the photos including the bad ones or just the ones that are actually in focus (the joys of a new camera and still learning it). Let me know.

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