House Arrest

Morella is sick again. She was just sick for a good week the week of Christmas. Ugh. Soon Neeners will be sick again too. The drawback to having your kid learn how to wipe their nose is that they wipe it and wipe it and wipe it until the skin beneath their nose and their lips becomes so red and chapped, it’s starts to bleed. It’s like a flag to others that you have a sick kid. No way I can leave the house until that red flag is well under control, lest I risk the wrath of germaphobes everywhere.

Here I am. Stuck. I guess that is one way to save money in the new year. Don’t leave the house. You know, people say that their house gets trashed when they are stuck in the house for days on end. In my case, I would say the opposite is true. Being cooped up inside means I get more things done around the house. Little organizing tasks attacked in every room to keep my sanity means the house is more put together than ever. What else is good about being stuck inside…cleaner house, saved money….uh….less wear and tear on the car?

That was another of my new year’s resolutions with Tim — to start keeping track of our money again by entering receipts at the end of the day. That way it can keep track of the stuff we put on the credit cards and we can really track where all of our money goes. It’s a little daunting to be held responsible for how much I may or may not spend on going out to lunch. :P

I might have mentioned this before, but thinking of meals and snacks is without a doubt the worse part of being a SAHM. I can only imagine how it would be if I were working….then I would feel bad about all the sodium and money, and trash. I just get so sick of constantly thinking of food, meals that the kids won’t eat. Meals that are stressful to prepare.

Hm. On another note, I am listening to the tag “new age” on in an effort to get the kids sleepy, and a song just came on. I thought to myself “hey, I like this song, I wonder who it is….” and it’s Mike Oldfield. One of my high school faves. :D

I read that Neil Gaiman got married this morning. First I was bothered that I hadn’t even known he had gotten a divorce from his previous wife. Second, I was envious of the whole thing. Marrying a famous, cool author on a cold, grey January morning. Seems just a little more glamorous than trying to keep the kids off of the back of the futon and preventing them from breaking the curtain rods.

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