only 51 more to go!

One week down. I guess it was an okay first week of 2011. It was spent mostly at home, not seeing the light of day, and tending to sick kids — and now a sick husband. I didn’t actually do much tending to Tim since his cold started last night. In fact, I kicked him out of bed and told him to go to the office because his snoring was so loud. It was 2:00 in the morning, Neeners wasn’t going to sleep in her crib and Tim did try several time soothe her, but it was all useless. The only thing she wanted was to lay on my chest because she was having trouble breathing. Fine, except I am sick of laying on my back all night, and I had been trapped into a 3 hour nap from hear earlier (following a long, interrupted night). Laying on my back that much means it hurts. Anyway, I kicked Tim out, took some tylenol for the back pain and went to sleep. We all slept until 8:45 when Morella came into my room asking for milk.

While I haven’t waited on Tim hand and food, I have given him a ton of space today by playing with the kids, having them make dessert (jello no bake cheesecake), hang out in the kitchen with me watching music videos while I put together some kind of dinner, and then taking them downstairs for dance/duplo lego party before putting them to bed. He got a cord yesterday that hooks the old xbox (which we had sent back and they repaired) to the office desktop, so he has been in his office playing video games.

We had some guests yesterday (I missed half of the visit because I fell asleep putting Neeners down for a nap — exhausted). I was a little bummed about that, but on the bright side Tim cleaned up 1/2 the kitchen and I cleaned the other half and now it is clean! I also took the down the Christmas stuff yesterday and now there is an extra billion square feet added to the living room living space.

Sigh. Over all, I have the blahs. I am tired when I get up in the morning because of a week of crappy sleep and going to bed super late. I only left the house 3 times in the span of a entire week — once to have coffee with Hilary on Wednesday night, then twice on Saturday — once for a 30 minute walk outside with the girls and then later to run some errands with Tim and the girls (Hyvee for dinner, Best Buy, Office Max and Old Navy — all three of those stores are right next to each other).

Oh, it’s Dexter time. More later.

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