Keys and tidbits

It was brought to my attention yesterday evening, that most people have their car key attached on the same keyring as the rest of their keys. As in all of their keys are in one place. I had no idea that people did this, but I think I am going to start doing it now too. For one, it might eliminate the problem I keep getting myself into — getting locked out of the house. Which, is how the conversation came up.

Yesterday was fun and of course, stressful. But a fun stressful, right? I packaged up the kids and took them to the Sun Prairie Library for a play date with one of the the Mom’s in the playgroup and her two boys. There was a lot of fighting over toys…just like at home! I only stayed for an hour before a sudden headache and hunger overtook me. On the way home the gas light went on, and I managed to hit every single stop light on the way to the gas station by our house. I forgot to mention that I had forgotten my phone at home earlier. Really, I guess I am out of practice for leaving the house with everything I need.

Thankfully I made it to the gas station in time, then got home to get some lunch into the kids before trying 4 or 5 times to get the kids to take a freaking nap. Athena slept for a few minutes in the car so she was under the impression that was all she needed.

Sigrid came by unexpectedly around 5 with beef and barley stew! She visited for awhile, with one very grumpy Neeners (who had just gotten up from a short 1/2 hour nap) and tired Morella. Tim was doing something afterwork and wouldn’t be home for dinner so I made the brilliant decision to take the kids out in the snow to a fish fry over at a golf course. Our wait was long, a sippy of soy milk had emptied into the diaper bag – requiring a full clean out in the bathroom. Man that was disgusting. Anyway, when we finally did get seated the service was slow and a family with one perfect kid was seated closely behind us. They made sure to give us lots and lots of unapproving glances and self congratulations to each other on what awesome parents they were while Neeners refused to sit in her baby seat and proceeded to stick her fist in the tarter sauce and lick it off. Morella meanwhile experienced embarrassment for the first time (she told she couldn’t do the same as Neeners, by someone she really likes) and started to bawl and want to go home. She did the next best thing and slinked down to lay under the table for about 10 minutes until she felt better.

Then the kids finished off the meal by running around the table while I quickly tried to clean up and pay the bill, and get their snow clothes on. Uff. Anyway. I don’t think I will be going back there anytime soon. Definitely not child friendly….unless you have a perfect kid, who was probably perfect because he had my girls to watch the whole time. You know how kids are…they love to watch each other.

We got home, in the more than light snow, and I realized that I locked myself out. So I called the neighbor and we hung out at their house while I waited for Tim to come home. At least I remember my phone then! The girls were in heaven, delayed bedtime and they were at their favorite adults house.

Later, I went to DeJope with my friends Matt and Sigrid (also who I went to the fish fry with) and broke even, saw a Beatles cover band, drank lots of free soda and breathed in the second hand smoke. Ahhh a real Friday out! ,.c\x

One thought on “Keys and tidbits

  1. Sarah

    Life’s just easier with car and house keys on same ring. Prioritize, though, so the weight of a very full ring doesn’t wear on your ignition.

    The problem I’m awaiting is when Ruth or Nick figures out how to lock the door while I’m out hauling the garbage can or unloading groceries. I will never remember to bring my keys with me for these little chores outside.

    How old was the perfect kid? Maybe they just lucked out on their timing and he’ll be in fits at bedtime. Maybe he’s an abnormally docile repressed introvert who will turn into a sociopath. Your kids sound more normal to me in a crowded restaurant scenario.

    Congratulations on a real evening out! My last real swingin’ evening out was going to a bar/danceclub with Jen…over two and a half years ago, I think. Ruth was weaned, and I hadn’t caught Nichol yet.

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