Tidbits Edition

It has been awhile since I’ve done tidbits. Really I sort of need to fall back on it because I don’t feel like I have cohesive post in me right now. To be honest, I am in that hinterland where I wait to be motivated.

I get motivated a little every morning after some coffee and because I am force marched into doing drudgery (awesome, lovable chores…but sometimes it feels a little … uh … drudgeish). I try to get excited about maybe putting something away, or organizing something, or writing down a thought into my journal, or looking at the internet.

–Ho-chunk language was cancelled today. It’s okay because a lot of the stuff thrown at us last week feels like a lot. Oh man, just look at that sentence! Ha ha, no seriously, I haven’t yet found my groove yet in incorporating study into every day. You know, it is so easy to get into a rut after the frenetic activity from December for not doing anything. Anyway, gotta figure out a way to work that in. Just do it…right?

–Speaking of doing thing, I also need to get some exercise in, and try to stop the urge to eat eat eat.

–Finished Morella’s Snow Queen Christmas stocking, and have started Neeners.

–Watched Dexter Season 5 – and … meh.

–Did two painting sessions with the girls in the kitchen and let the girls “help” me wash the dishes, which I scrubbed a very dirty, disgusting floor. Neeners is into throwing food at us and the dog, the cats … whatever she wants. Sadly, Falkor is apparently a picky dog.

–We found the perfect tacos — Fuzzy’s Taco Shop over by Hilldale. I am fantasizing about them now. Amazing fish tacos….amazing. I wish I had three right now.

–My birthday loot is awesome so far. Okay, I don’t expect much more, but you know normally I don’t really get/do much anyway. We went to Hilldale on Sunday and I got to browse in Anthropologie and got myself a clearance winter hat, clearance milk soap and … not clearance, big bottle of very, very awesome perfume. Oh it smells exotic, and it’s not floral or citrus … I love it.

–Tonight we got something that I have wanted, but never dared to actually think about until we had kids…but then once we did I just made do with the little 2 minute 20 second video capability of my awesome turning 30 camera….a camcorder! Or video recorder, or whatever, you know what I mean. Wow, …. I will be one of those people that can look back at home videos and remember. Because you know, actual moving pictures capture so much more than just photos. I am very excited to start recording….

–We have a new nephew as of yesterday! Morella was super excited to hear about Gus Gus and was telling us all about how she was going to hold him and be really careful because she was older now. Earlier she was telling me about how she was older, bigger and stronger. Then she held up one of her little hands and stared at them intensely and said “My hands are bigger.” I nearly bit my tongue in half holding in the laughter. I asked her “Whoa, can you hold your hands up again so I can see?” And she did, with a slightly amazed look in her eyes.

–Tonight at dinner I told Morellla we were going to see Gus Gus (August Jonathan) in Milwaukee but that we were going to Milwaukee again next month to go to the Milwaukee Public Museum to check out the frogs and stuff. Then I looked it up and saw that the frog exhibit is ending on the 31st. So then we played up the butterfly exhibit angle. Morella’s eyes were as wide as saucers, soaking up all the glorious things we were telling her about this place. She told us all the stuff she was going to do, how the butterflies were going to land on her hands and she was going to dance and …etc etc. Sure I could tell you about Neeners reaction but do you really want to know who she threw her piece of ground hamburger at? It’s so much fun to have Morella be at an age to get excited about this stuff. Just think, next year for Valentine’s…she and Neeners will talk about the trip and how excited they are together….

–Yeah, i think we are going to make this a yearly, Valentines day weekend event.

–I was thinking of an doing a birthday brunch at Hyvee…totally lame or what? I thought of it because it’s cheap, it’s good, all you can eat, spacious, VERY kid friendly … I mean what more do you need?

I have been typing this post for two hours now. Time to go to bed. I have a busy busy Wednesday ahead of me. No plans, and it is bitter cold now for the next few days.

One thought on “Tidbits Edition

  1. Sarah

    You scared me – I thought I totally missed your birthday, but it’s not for several days yet, right? Why do you have so much loot already? The perfume sounds awesome. I’ll have to inhale it on some occasion. I’m going to have something for you, but I’m still figuring out the details. Also still have Christmas stuff for y’all, but not sure if we’ll mail a box or wait until we overnight in Madison in February.

    I’m having the eat eat eat urges too. It’s like I want to eat like I’m pregnant, but I’m not. Eating helps close my ears off from the whining and tantrums. It settles my stomach with all the lingering house stuff making my nervous system whirl. It’s something to do on a grey ten degree day.

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