Radio monitoring

“It’s a dirty free for all…..take it off….take it off….” sang my sweet little 3 year old to her sister last night while I got them ready for bed. I stopped in my tracks and dropped the pull up I was going to put on Morella.

“What did you just sing?” I asked her.

“It’s a dirty baby … take it off … ” she began serenading Neeners.

I immediately called Tim and related to him the lyrical event. We both agreed that from now when questionable songs come on (aka Ke$ha, Lady Gaga – in some cases, Kate Perry) that the station gets switched. I would listen to Charlie, but most of the music there is from the 80′s and old people music – boring, and the heavy metal alternative station is full of music that is scary sounding (ironically, most of the time it isn’t offensive though). I guess I could start bringing more CD’s to the car and just listening to those, but Tim is a stickler for not leaving any CD’s in the car lest a burglar be enticed, which means it’s just another thing I’ll forget. You can’t forget to bring the radio.


Wednesday night I went out on my own. I had asked a few adventurous folks if they would be interested in ice skating or sledding, but I got nothing but regrets. So, I helped Tim put the kids to bed, watched a little TV and then headed out for the 9:15 showing of The Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader. Last week I saw Black Swan and the theater room was moderately populated, about 30 viewers. However, on Wednesday I was the only person. In fact, when I bought the ticket, the clerk mumbled “One for Narnia” into her collar. I considered buying some very expensive soda but decided that my pocketful of candy hearts would suffice. Indeed I was the only one in the theater. It was a showing just for me. It was very awesome.

The movie was good too. I feel inspired to browse through the remaining books to refresh my memory on what happens. I also want to check up on Lucy to see if she is more attractive the older she has gotten. (cuter…but that’s expected). Also, I noticed by the end a distinct resemblance between Eustace and the older sister Susan. One could believe that they were blood related (you know, for the movie, not in real life). Bonus, there was a brief viewing of the brother Peter, who … is a very handsome young man and beckons to my inner teenager.

Yesterday was rather pleasant. I got a shower in, got the kids dressed…well almost everyone. Morella ended up just wearing her angle hoop dress up dress over her jammies and I went with it. My friend Lowen, who is due in April came over and provided Morella with a enough boring adult conversation (with me) that Morella went to sleep. I of course, did not think the conversation was boring at all. After she left and the girls were up at 3:30 we got ready to go over for our evening playdate with Stephanie — who I haven’t spent one on one time with in almost a year. I get over there and discover that she is 5 or 6 months pregnant and it’s a another boy! Well, I’ll be. Everyone is having babies, actually everyone is having BOY babies.

Well, I gotta get to Target today to get some eye juice, a present and all that other cra…er treasures that will find their way into my cart. I also need to figure out what I am making for Mark and Erica, get those ingredients and put it together, bake some cookies, have lunch. It’s super duper cold out today so I will need to warm up the car before transporting kids and bundle them up. Last night when I was coming back from Stephanie’s I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some pictures (mobile pictures, I got them all printed) and the brief time between taking the girls in and out made my fingers burn. Such a small amount of time in the elements, but that wind was brutal.

Alright, see if I took the time that I usually allot to write my Mom in the morning to post, you would have a post everyday. Maybe I could try to do both every day. Why not? It just means a post might be more like a small post.

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