As a reward and incentive to get my butt to the grocery store last night to get the ingredients for some dinners, cookies and new Mom paper bag (filled with granola bars, smoothies, chocolate, trail mix, cherries, etc) I was going to watch Inception when I got back. Well, I was later than I wanted to be because I ran into an old college friend Nate. I had mentioned to him that I had just thought of him last night because I declined an event invitation of his. I said I thought it was a chili cookoff, but he clarified and said it was more like a chili party, and it was on Sunday. Well that changed everything! I agreed to go, and heck maybe I will even find a babysitter so Tim can go too. It’s from 5-8 so it’s not like it would be that late.

When I got back I didn’t feel like cooking and it was almost 11:00 … so I started the movie anyway. I have been wanting to see this movie for ages! I don’t get it though…I heard that it was supposed to be some kind of thrilling twist ending sort of thing and I didn’t feel that way at all. Which of course, makes me suspicious. Did I miss something vitally important? Am I so obtuse to have not noticed something major that has everyone shaking their heads in wonder? Did I not get that we are *in* in the matrix??? Ha ha.

Moral of this story is that I was up until the mind boggling hour of 1:40 AM. Ugh. I went to bed, got up again because I forgot to take my contacts out, then had to nurse Neeners before I finally dropped off around 2:15 or so. Tim had laughed at me and said “You forgot to take out your contacts?”

“Sure” I said. “It happens.” But you know it hasn’t happened in awhile. It’s the reason I always look at the clock before I go to sleep. If I can see the red digital numbers then I know something in amiss, versus seeing just a fuzzy red light.

Tim slept in this morning, and I am now on my third cup of coffee..wait, about to get it. I fed the kids Mickey’s cinnamon rolls this morning. They ate only the frosting. I also got them chocolate milk in their own little cartons as a special treat, at least they enjoyed that. My second sheet of cookies is almost done and I have one left before I start making the chocolate chip cookie dough. I am only going to make one sheet of those cookies and wrap the rest to be used “as needed” for Mark and Erica. Morella is very excited about seeing baby Gus Gus today.

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