Attend to yourself first

Attend to yourself first, is the rule of thumb on an airline when an Emergency happens. I think of that line when I have a few free moments on the computer, and I am about to spend that time looking at other people’s blogs. I should attend to my own blog first before going on to read others. After all, it’s only giving back, right?

Yesterday was my birthday. I am officially middle aged. You can now describe me “The middle aged woman with brown hair and two young, grubby children was seen at the grocery store again. The eldest of the children was wearing mismatched princess gear in varying shades of pink, and the youngest had something smeared across her face as she toddle sprinted down the aisle.”

The day started off great with Morella bounding into my room and sing songing “Happy Birthday Momma!” and Neeners remained asleep in her crib. Then Tim found a red present on the front stoop, which he gave to Morella to bring to me. She brought it to me and promptly announced that she got me a birthday present. Then she opened it and admired all of her clever handiwork. (Thanks Laima! I had a cup of mexican hot chocolate already — not spicey at all!, and the pot holders were used to take my cake out of the oven).

Tim left for work and I got up. We got ready and met my friends Sigrid and Lowen at the Original Pancake House for a birthday brunch. Ahh, I love breakfast food, in a nearly empty restaurant with waitstaff that don’t mind two restless kids. When I picked up Lowen she gave me a great tupperware container filled with thumbprint/jam cookies. They were little, so it’s justified that I ate 5 in one sitting, right?

After a delicious breakfast, we bid farewell to Sigrid and headed over to Wallyworld to find Don’t Break the Ice. Target didn’t have it anymore, and we were looking for a game that Morella could play that didn’t require luck. Morella and Athena have both played numerous games of smashing in the ice as fast as possible, but only one actual game has been played properly. It was was a super wallyworld and the aisles were so big in the toy section, and it wasn’t crowded like Target, so we all got lost in looking at toys for far too long. It wasn’t until the edges of Neens that started to melt did I realize our perilous situation. All it took was a trike in which Athena couldn’t even reach the floor and a small scuffle between Morella to unleash the beast that kept us grounded Sunday for a proper buffet brunch. Neeners howled like a banshee all the way through the store and into the express check out line, garnering me stares and glances from all around. I just pretended I had no idea what these people were looking at. I think maybe that is one big benefit to being an ex-goth. You get really good at ignoring everyone. Eventually, I did manage to quiet her up by finding a pack of fruit snacks. Thank goodness! I need more emergency goodies in my back, it was far too empty. It was either that or a piece of gum…which would have still worked I am sure.

Sadly, Neeners took at short nap on the car ride home and felt it was sufficient for the rest of the day. No dual long after noon nap for this birthday middle ager! It was okay because we had a fabulous package from Sarah to open! Morella did all the opening, with a little Neener assistance and I made sure to ooh and ahh over everything…and sample fancy chocolate between mouthfuls of cookie. I swear, yesterday felt like a ghost feast to get me through the second half of my life. All that food! Now, I think I can use this box to send back MY presents that have been waiting around here collecting dust. :D I’m glad they were wrapped in red…I think I’ll be more of a valentines thing now. Yeah…good idea!

Later on, she did crash at dinner time. Tim brought home two pot roast suppers from Culvers and we split it up. Then Morella and Tim made me a marble cake with pink frosting and covered with a thousand different kinds of sprinkles. We turned off the lights, lit some candles and we all sang Happy Birthday. Morella and Neeners were excellent candle blowers. :) They stayed up late until 9:00 before bedtime. Tim tried putting them in Morella’s bed to sleep, but Neeners started crying after about two minutes because Morella was touching her.

The rest of the night was spent writing and watching Bones. On Facebook I had an idea to ask people to share a memory they had of me, instead of just writing Happy Birthday. I had a few skeptics as to whether or not it would work, and I am proud to say that my gambit paid off! I had a TON of responses with shared memories. I decided to hand write every single one in my journal, so that I could appreciate and savor each one. I was up until 12:30 last night writing before I threw in the towel and vowed to finish today.

Oh and I had two letters to read — one from my Mom and another from an old friend. To be able to sit and read two hand written letters was a real treat. All in all, it was a very good birthday.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I realized yesterday that this is probably why I wait until the end of the month to really settle on resolutions. It’s because it’s my birthday and a new year of life is marked, and what better catalyst for change than that?

I spent a good portion of today working hard. I cleaned the kitchen, washed dishes, and am now running dishwasher, did breakfast, snack and lunch for the kids, bathed them, fixed their hair, got everyone dressed, replied thanks to most of the responses, wrote my Mom a letter, called my brother Shane, sorted through some junk mail, played, danced, changed a couple poopy diapers, made coffee, opened drapes…etc. We have HoChunk language today and I have yet to prepare for that.

I think I am going to try something radical. I feel like I want to do something radical actually for this year. Maybe enter something I have never done before like a bike race. Or decide to ride bike to Milwaukee or someplace far. Or to hike. I want to do something physically challenging, and outside of my comfort zone (which at this moment is the couch). But I also want to take charge of my time. To really make use of the time I have to get the things done that matter to me most, instead of muddling through each day with occasional break throughs. Maybe if I really try and apply myself for one year, it will all become habit and I will be a far more productive, happy person.

That said, Morella and Tim are at the Vet with Migo for a well pet visit. Athena is sleeping and I am tired…maybe I could rest my eyes for a little bit, until Tim and Morella get back and then I’ll do something … productive.

One thought on “Attend to yourself first

  1. Jessie

    How about elefun (elephant who has air blowing out of his nose and these butterflies come out and the kids have to catch them in nets)? Hot potato with the stuffed music potato you toss around until the music stops-whoever is stuck with the potato gets tickeled, at least thats what happens at my house :) ? chutes and ladders, candyland, oh, I saw FIND IT in the LTD catalog…Its a tube you cannot open full of little beads and hidden in the beads is little objects. you have a list of the objects and you roll the tube around and when you find something you check it off the list. Lastly, for christmas, emma got this game that has a tree and a ton of monkeys withthe hooked arms. there is this little catapult that you fling the monkeys with, at the tree and the one who gets the most monkeys to hang on the tree wins. Emma loves it.

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