We are all apparently crabby today. I got angry at several Facebook status updates this morning and even wrote something regarding a one of those “statement … blah blah blah did this, post this if you think we should be equal assholes!” sort of statements. But then after a few minutes I deleted my comment. I don’t want to get dragged into a debate. I mean if that person was stupid enough to even post it then what on earth would my words do? Besides, you need to look at the context of the person to — all they ever do is post those blanket status updates. Case in point – they have no original thought.

Athena then threw a 15 minute tantrum after I had changed her diaper and wet pajamas from playing in the bathroom sink (she was supposed to be washing the syrup off her hands). She just started bawling as soon as I was done and then followed me around for the next few minutes screaming. When I picked her up she would hit at my face so I wouldn’t look at her, and the only thing that calmed down the beast was nursing for 20 minutes.

Morella was a little angel until half way through Angelina Ballerina, she got up and yanked the little people princess out of Athena’s hands (who FINALLY got down to play with some toys on her own). I told her to give it back and she yelled “No!” and threw the princess — which hit the TV. I said “Time out.” She picked up the princess and threw towards Neeners. I repeated “Time out. We do not throw things at the TV.” And .. .well she got a time out. After her time out, Athena brought the princess to her and gave it to her while laying on her bed with her. Morella took the princess and said “I want to be alone.”

So, here we are. Athena just wanted me to put a Alice in Wonderland dress on her, so she looks like a little waddling tank. It’s so funny. Morella is lying in her bed tongue sucking. I have grubby glasses on, yesterday’s shirt and pajamas and am looking for some kind of motivation to get dressed and the kids in gear to go to the grocery store. It’s lightly snowing outside. I sort of wish it would snow big, just for something different.

Oh I hear whining coming from Morella’s room. I should really at least put my contacts in. That usually helps me get going. I need an hour, or at least 30 minutes though because my phone battery died and it needs some juice. Oh I should use this time to pay the mortgage!

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