Princesses and Birthdays

Oh and trivia. Last night I went out and played Team Trivia with a friend of mine over at Dexter’s. Generally I don’t like ‘Answering Questions’ but decided I needed to give it another shot. Who knows, maybe in my new age bracket, I can do it. Turns out that my skills are about the same as they were before, and the enjoyment level is definitely the same. I had three beers to help pass the time. I get that it would be fun to do with friends though. I would totally go and be a trivia team member if a bunch of my friends were doing it. I realized that this is why I don’t like doing crossword puzzle — it’s just glorified trivia. However, I am proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone. The second half of my life shall be one filled with new things and fulfilling passions, or trying to.

Got a great idea in the mail today. My friend’s daughter sent Morella a bunch of different scrap book paper, with some paper doll cut outs. I never thought of using fancy paper to make dresses, it’s brilliant! I can’t wait until Morella really gets it. Right now she was very pleased to have received so many different kinds of pretty paper in the mail and went to put them in her cupboard. A little useless nook with a door in the kitchen has now been appropriated.

Man. Morella is up again. She isn’t eating dinner and is instead relying on copious amounts of milk at bedtime. I am trying to break this habit again. Only water now and if she is hungry she had to eat…but I want her to eat her dinner! I don’t want to give her anything else because I am sick of her not eating dinner. You know? It’s tough because I don’t think 3 is exactly “reasoning” age yet either.

…There. I gave her a peanut butter sandwich. That is what she always gets if she doesn’t like her dinner. Protein. She ate about 1/4 of it before declaring that she only wanted water. (I wouldn’t let her tell me a million stories thus delaying her bedtime even more)….

Face painting at the Children’s Museum for a birthday party.

The cupcakes were made by Bean Sprouts. The best part of the cupcake was the frosted donut hole on a stick lollipop. The rest of it tasted…healthy…if you know what I mean.

Neeners loves to put on glasses and strut around the house, like a very important toddler. I hope it isn’t a sign of the future.

Morella shows Neener a thing or two about shaving. It was Neeners first time. They grow so quickly!

I think they did a pretty good job. Not a chin hair to be seen.

Neeners likes to put on shoes. :D She has some big shoes to fill here.

I threw all the stuffies into Neener’s crib. I caught this little gem when they were taking a break. Awww!

Reading during Neeners naptime.

Birthday brunch ladies. :D

The cake of many sprinkles

Grocery shopping outfits. I won’t lie, I felt under dressed.

Today’s ensemble by Morella. She has quite the knack for it don’t you think? Her most favorite thing in the world right now are those pink dollar bin slippers selling at Target right now. She won’t take them off, and when she does – she clutches them close to her heart, waiting for the next opportunity to adorn her little feet.

In other news, we played outside for almost two hours this afternoon. The weather was perfect. I managed to shoveled the 2 inches off of the entire driveway and side walk while the girls played. It was sunny by the time we were out there, so it was quite pleasant. Morella didn’t want to come in, but Neeners needed a nap.

I think she is teething. Today had at least four out of control tantrums and then this evening, I gave her some tylenol after I noticed her sucking on her hand.

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