Spit in your shoe and pass it onto you

My stepdad used to always say that to me when I would tell Mom that I was bored. I never saw the point in that particular advice, but maybe I do now.

This morning I got the kids dressed in matching…I’ll include a blurry camera phone so you get the idea…outfits. Pink skirts, white floral patterned tights and a red shirts to go to the Children’s Museum. It’s useful when they are dressed alike so I can find them when they run off. I was also quite proud of myself for packing our own lunch. I brought along some sandwiches, string cheese, bugles and fruit snacks, as well as juice and a diet soda for myself. Part of it is that the food at the Children’s Museum is atrociously overpriced and not that good and because they have a cafeteria where you are free to bring your own food.

Morella and Neeners were having a so so time until Leo and his Mom showed up. Then it was instant fun. Morella and Leo were as thick as thieves running around, exploring and laughing, leaving that stick in the mud Neeners behind. Poor Neeners. When I called Emily to see what they were up to this morning and invite her to the museum with us, she said that Leo was very excited about the prospect. “Morella? and Laura! And Falkor?!”

“Yes,” replied Emily. “And don’t forget Neeners.”
“No Neeners!” he yelled.

I told Emily that we have all felt that way more often than naught the last couple of weeks. To give Neeners a little credit, I did give her some tylenol before we left so she seemed to do okay. Sort of wander around like she was in a fog, but at least no big tantrums. I had to carry her a lot too.

We got back around 1 and the girls immediately went down for naps. I have spent the last few hours looking at the internet and luxuriating in the peace and quiet. Tim is working late tonight so I have a second day of single parenting ahead of me and needed them to nap. This afternoon I am thinking of putting them in snow gear and heading to Olbrich Gardens for a snow walk among the paths.

Uh oh. Morella just got up and told me her shirt is wet. That she got it wet at the museum playing in the water. I know that isn’t true. She peed her be….whew! False alarm. It was just sweaty.

Now she is demanding “WHY? That is my cue to go.

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