Sunday Night

We had breakfast for dinner – ham, scrambled eggs and Krusteaz Buttermilk pancakes (mix). It was delish. We have enough leftover for lunch tomorrow so it was okay to do a one shot dinner on this Sunday Night. Afterwards, we set up the new kids pinch free card table and two of the chairs so that the girls could water paint. It’s great because I can sit on the couch comfortably with them at the table and we can all work together.

We did water color painting for our first project. Seriously, why do I bother? I mean, when it’s both girls “painting” it always devolves to finger painting. I finally just took away the brushes and water paints and replaced it with finger paints and some cut up pieces of brown paper bag. They don’t care about pictures. They only care about the texture of it.

Following that, my little raccoons took a bath and washed all the paint off their face, hair, arms and hands. Morella is now wearing a pair of pink panties and a little yellow tutu and Athena is decked out in a pink dress up skirt — barely hanging on her hips and the famous family crack is showing. They are both on their fourth helping of “Be Our Guest” (Beauty and Beast) song — dancing around like nuts. It is late, but they both had super long naps that lasted until six, so the earliest we can attempt bed is 9:00.

Morella was up all last night barfing, thankfully in a bowl except for one miss. Tim and I think it was either a very short lived bug, or she had milk poisoning from her milk. I admit. The carton had been left out over night, but it wasn’t opened yet so I figured it would be fine. I tasted it and it tasted fine, but maybe she has a super sensitive tummy to that sort of thing. We ended up dumping out the two cartons and just got more.

Oh, I want in on the next song (Be our Guest again).

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