Neeners first Barf

Well, on one hand it’s nice to know that I did not food poison my little girl by giving her unopened soy milk that had been left out over night, and had tasted fine. Nor did we make her ill by ingestion of an improperly washed carrot that caused Morella to spent most of Saturday night “spitting” and “throating”. Another theory that we had was that she had gotten a tummy bug from our little visit to the Children’s Museum on Friday. Anyway, Morella was fine by Saturday morning. She has definitely eaten a lot less than normal since then, but she hasn’t thrown up again.

Last night Neeners was up a lot, wanting to nurse and then be placed back into her crib for a tuck in. I was up at least 7 times. I was super tired this morning and cranky. I got the girls dressed, and then went to get myself dressed. I came back not three minutes later to find Morella and Neeners having a “snow party”. Morella said “I’m a Snow Queen!” and then sprinkled some finely crumbed sytrofoam (the packaging from a child’s card table set we got yesterday and we had yet to throw it away) on her head. There was “snow” everywhere! I took it all in, reached for the camera and took a few pictures and even went as far as to video tape some of the dancing that went along with it before telling them I had to clean it up. “Why?” asked Morella (a dozen times). “Because the cats or dog might eat it and get very sick.” I replied…a dozen times back.

It was somewhere along cleaning that mess up, brushing it out of the girls hairs and clothes, vacuuming the every inch of the floor with two very uncooperative girls that I started to get irritated. After that mess we went over for a playdate in which we were now 30 minutes late. The playdate was … ugh. To put it politely, children were not behaving and had to (in front of everyone) reprimand a child from hitting/pushing Neeners. The kid took it well and stopped, but I felt terrible about having to do it. Then I got a headache. The girls started to cry and wanted to go home, and I was getting shakey from needing to eat so we went home. I made some grilled cheese and blueberries. Morella ate the berries and some of her sandwich and Neeners ate nothing. Then Neeners wanted to take her nap — so I put her down. Afterward I was able to get Morella to take a nap..

oh heck. Long story short. Neeners barfed. She has had three episodes over the course of the night. She went to bed without nursing. Just wanted the crib.

Poor dear. Her first real barf. She only ever spit up a few times when she was a teeny baby. Oh I heard some crying….I should go and make sure there isn’t a baby and bed to change.

Also, apparently we we are in the middle of a blizzard. Woo!

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