A few things…

–>A friend since 5th grade and I were talking on IM yesterday. Normal chat, she left to go to class. About a half hour later she comes back on saying she needs to talk with someone because she can’t find her husband. Her sister, whom she adored while growing up (it was always Liberty this…and Libby that) had just died from a car accident that morning. I called her and talked for 15 minutes. How terrible. She left a nine year old boy. I tried to send flower via flower.com but they suck. They couldn’t deliver until tomorrow unless you paid extra. So I found another sight, aroundtheclockflorists…hopefully they will do better. They said the could deliver if the order was put in before 12. I feel terrible for Jessica and her family…she is my second eldest friend.

–>Last night I fell asleep at 8.30 and woke up each hour until 10.30 when Tim finally called. I was tired by then and didn’t want to talk. He said he would call after the training was done today. Hopefully they will get done at 3:30 and he will head out of there. Erika told me that it is due to snow quite a bit this evening. I hope he is careful.

–>The Cabinet of Curiosities is SO freaking good. I got to a part that blew me away this morning…and made me want to quit work immediately and pursue becoming a writer full time. It was *that* good. I am looking forward to lunch time when I can devote more time to taking in the story. Preston and Child are absolute genius!

–>I was up this morning at 6:00am again. I love the extra time in the morning to do as I please. I like this habit and will try to keep it up.

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