February = Awesome

I am having a pretty great February, so that’s probably why I haven’t posted as much. Sure the kids have been sick, but it’s only been a sort of an inconvenience, gotta stay home and muck it through sick versus going to the doctor sick. So yeah, so far what is good?

–Having Sigrid and Cecci come over and hang out this past Saturday night while Tim was out with a few friends doing Old Man Drinking night. They get dressed up as old men and go around to old man type bars ordering old man drinks. Meanwhile the significant others (the ladies) hang out here and talk. It was so nice. I was up until 12:30!

–Friday evening I went to an open House at the salon Lowen and Sigrid work for and won … an hour long massage! Free! To be used by the end of March. Oh my goodness…what a treat. Then Morella got her nails painted, and did a free yoga demonstration with a professional yoga instructor, I got a free chair massage and we all got free dinner in the form of party food and sandwiches. :D The drawback to the fingernail paint job was that the stuff they used to seal it on top caused the entire paint to peel off. So as of now, all of it has peeled off with no evidence that it ever existed.

One more….

–Went to visit a pal and her sons on the West Side and she made the kids and me lunch! Score. Whenever I don’t have to cook is a very good day indeed. It was another one of those lovely times where the kids behaved and everyone was an angel.

– I went to the Olbrich Conservatory last Thursday. The place was almost ours (except for few other family’s with small children). It is free for 5 and under and only $1 for me. I can’t tell you what a difference breathing that air did for me. It was absolutely incredible…I swear I was in danger of passing out because I was huffing so much vibrant air, filled with life. Oh man. I wish I could bottle that. Maybe I need to get more plants. Hm. Morella and Neeners had fun exploring the paths, looking at the little birds and koi and going up and down stairs. I liked that the whole thing was enclosed and all I had to do was hold Neeners hand every now and then and make sure no one damaged any plants.

–Last week before the big snow storm we upped the Jones factor in the neighborhood by building a snow man family. Tim later added a dog, but I forgot to take a picture of it. It was pretty darn adorable. Morella was so pleased to have finally built a snow man, eat a carrot outside and have a snowball fight.

–Sunday we watched Wisconsin Kick Ass at a Super Bowl party with our pals Sarah, Dave and the kids. Here is a shot of everyone watching the game — minus most of the adults. I am so happy that Sarah and Dave agreed to host a super bowl party, and let us come over even though Morella had the sniffles and Athena was still 0boogery. There was this melt in your mouth pork/bacon smoothered in sauce dish, chips with french onion dip, home made guacamole and chips, fresh fruit, veggies with dipping sauce, cheese, lunchmeat, beer, soda, fruit snacks, Oreo football shaped cookies, ice cream, fresh stove popped popcorn,

Morella’s typed her name = jasdfghjll;’zxzznm,./

Naptime — gots to go. It took me all morning to get this far on this post.

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