Valentines Weekend

I know. I used to post more photos, but that was before I got my Ipad and there is just no editing software on here…not to mention I am not even sure how I get pictures on here other than emailing them to myself and then downloading them. It is just easier to do all of that on the desktop, which I have limited access too. Hm. Okay I have full access to it, I just don’t always get to use it by myself….the kids usually want to “help”.

Its been a busy couple of days. Wednesday I had my night out. I met up with my friend Ann, whom I hadn’t seen in a month and went to Jade Monkey to cash in a groupon and play scrabble. Oy man, what a night. She kicked my ass! There was a couple next to us on a first date that ended with them going back to her place, old shuffleboard ladies bumping into our drinks and a group of rowdy convention men hitting on us. No wonder I lost … well that and Ann is a ruthless triple score stealer and doesn’t work to open the board. :P Why can’t I be satisfied with playing it safe and boring with three and four letter words?

Thursday …. hm. I forget. Did I hang out with Lowen this Thursday or was it last Thursday? I think it was this Thursday. We went to target for lunch and some light shopping. IT was great.

Friday I ….did something in the morning….something to get the girls tired… oh yes. I met up with friend Anna and her two sons and we went to the mall to do some kid laps. In other words we followed Neeners around since she just forges ahead. We stopped for a coffee and the kids spent most of the time playing on one of those light boards, a willy wonka candy game that was filled with black mold, and then the kids played in a hurricane machine. Let’s see if I can get a picture in here….

Nope…that was a huge exercise in frustration. Ugh! I almost wanted to stop and just go to bed. But words are better than nothing.

Then Friday evening I packed up the girls and we went downtown to Library Mall to attend the retirement party of someone I knew back in college. I ran into some old friends and potentially made a new Mom friend. We all had a great time and when we got back there was fresh bought booze from Tim, which I didn’t have. Instead, I got the girls ready for bed and put Neeners down before heading off to a Girls Night In I was invited too by a neighbor last month. Thank goodness for FB event reminders! I brought along my felt stocking kit and had a wonderful time hanging out Marcia and her school/knitting buddies. She has such good taste in people.

Saturday was a home, run some errands and eat some Fuzzy Tacos kind of day. Whenever we were home I just wanted to spend time in bed, cuddled under my down comforter. Luckily the girls like to hang out by my, so they brought their books and baby dolls to my bed and we all hung out. Sometimes I think about the day when we all will watch copious amounts of TV together, as a special something to do. We limit TV watching around here to only 1.5 hours a day tops. After the girls went to bed, Tim and I watched some True Blood, while crafting and sorting.

Sunday, today…we had brunch with another family at the Fitchburg Great Dane for their brunch buffet. It was amazing…one of the best spreads I have ever seen. We were seated upstairs where the kids had free reign to wander around the table. Perfect! Another great bonus, kids 4 and under eat free! It was reasonably priced at $15 per person too… take that Nau-t-gal! After stuffing ourselves silly, we came home to take a nap. Well, every one except Morella. She played quietly in her room the entire time with one ear peeled. I stayed up with her reading the internet under the cover of a blanket and pretended to be sleeping whenever she walked by. There is a 75% success rate at tricking her into taking a nap when I pretend I am asleep. Eventually I made a noise and the jig was up. So I went around and tried to find every toy, every container of toys and dumped them all on her bed to sort and put away. We also decided to retire some toys to the basement because of loss of interest or space. The basement does wonder for spiffing up toys.

I made a dinner no one ate – baked ravoli. Morella had a sandwich, Neeners nursed and I was planning on getting something at The Great Dane East for Book Club (we read The Alchemist) meeting tonight. We ran over to Michaels to try and find something organizational…and I got a few crafty things (felt bird mobile kit, heart wall hanging foam kit, some note cards, Athena got some large plastic heart beads and Morella got a MLP coloring book). Good times!

Book Club was good. Most of us agreed that the book was too vague and that we all probably achieved our personal legend but are baffled as to what to do once you achieve it. Are we just floating by on happiness clouds oblivious to the rest of the world? Do we have to find some other new legend to follow…even though the book seemed to indicate that was something you realize when you are a teenage/early adult.

Oy, I gotta go to bed.

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