Snow. There is some on the ground, and maybe a little in the air.

I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning. Their coffee is SO good. Got a ride to work in a penis mobile (the rental from Tim’s work). The cool thing about that car is the Satellite radio. I want one. I really, really want one. Imagine…to have the choices no matter where you go (especially important when visiting family in boondocks). The next Saturn we get, will have one. I promise you that. Although that might in two or three years.

I am page four of my Scotland/London story and I haven’t even finished day two. Crap. But it IS an interesting read. I can promise you that.

I wish Soulseek hadn’t had died. My mp3 list is getting old quick, and I haven’t had enough gump or time to make any mix cd’s at home. Although I should, because I owe the Hollywood Goth girl (penpal) a mix CD. I got the second Soil and Eclipse ablum at Resurrection Records, in addition to L’ame Immortale, Paralyzed Age and Dream Disciples. I must update the CD list, in addition to changing the main page being my bio to the journal…which is going to require some … er…work. Dang it work…OR I could change over to live journal…I just don’t know. Livejournal does offer a comments section, which I did previously rail against (I know I am hypocrite, thank you). But then again I have done blogger for such a long time (even it is becoming inconvenient…to certain extent).

What do you think? Livejournal or Blogger? Email me, I would appreciate opinions.

Finished CoC and did subsequent research on the authors. The seem like total knobs (I wouldn’t look twice in an elevator and think…Hey those folks seem like such interesting people, as opposed to thinking that about Neil Gaiman…) but they are SO talented.

OHHH and Tim just called….our Doctor called him and asked him about the x-rays that were coming across her desk. Tim has a follow interview it the doctor this Friday to discuss the X-rays…and would you believe. He has arthritis in his back AND hip. Holy crap. Honest to god arthritis. He’s only 29.


AND…..Eric has finally gotten his impressive website together. Check out his site, he is even more impressive online than in real life…(kidding).

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