18 Month Well Baby

Today Neeners was Neeners last well baby check up. After the 18 month is the two year and once a year after that. No more little baby check ups. Aww. Neeners kicked normal ass though! Perfectly normal on the developmental check lists and the autism check, on weight and height, and head and over all health. Way to go Neeners…but I hope you don’t mind if I take a little of that credit too. After all, at least 50% of your daily caloric intake comes from me. She weighs 22.8 pounds and is 31 3/4 inches tall, which is about 44% for a girl.

I did have one concern going in though and it was validated. Neeners has been struggling with a stuffy, green and yellow gooped nose for a couple of weeks now. Turns out she does have a sinus infection. She has it either for 4 or 6 weeks…so I am not sure. Apparently it is quite common not show any fever (90% of sinus infections do not have a fever) and take about 4 weeks to diagnose. As in “Johnny has had a cold for 4 weeks…maybe I should take him in.” It makes sense because there isn’t an easy way to diagnose it in a baby. Poor Neeners. I can’t wait to see what kind of a kid I will have in a couple days after the antibiotics kick in and clear up that congested head of her. My guess is that she will be skipping, laughing and singing every waking moment. ;)

On our way home we stopped by the Chicago hot dog style food joint and I got us some gyros and chili cheese fries. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful lunch. It was just divine. I have never had chili cheese fries before this, but maybe that is a good thing because then I would be even more awesome than I am right now.

I put Neeners down for a nap after she fought tooth and nail taking her medicine (only 19 more joyful experiences to go…I hope chilling it really does help with the taste). Oh when we got back Morell had laid down for a nap — at 11:00 … and now at 2:00 she is still asleep. I expect she’ll be up any second, but wow. I even got a bit of a nap in there myself in the office to the sound of Tim tap tapping.

This afternoon is our weekly ho chunk lesson. I should try and prepare for it.

Hurray for Neeners being a year and half old. Her words now include:

what is that?
Daa – ee!
Momma or Nana (combination of Nani and Mama)
Ess? (this?)
woof woof (dog)
ah-oo! (hello)
Weh weh (morello)
Dop dat! (stop that)
Dop (stop)
Bup (up or help)
uh oh
Aw wee (sorry)

Oh nuts, speak of the devil. Morella is up and at a them. I guess it will have to be a partial word list.

–Neeners now plays My Little Ponies, Princesses, stuffies, etc with Morella.

–Likes to dress up

–Likes to sit on the green cube and watch Oswald (current favorite TV show here — ohmygosh!)

–Likes putting shoes on and walking around

–Wider food range than Morella, that said she still isn’t a very good eater and plays with more food than is eaten.

–Chocolate/candy/frosting/soda sweet fiend

–Only 8 teeth

–Bangs are long enough to be needed to clip

–Can jump, walk forward and backward, run, climb up stairs (needs heavy assistance going down).

–Doesn’t mind being outside so much anymore.

–Doesn’t like to be contained in a stroller, high chair, booster or cart seat. So shopping expeditions are now practically nonexistent without help because she runs away as fast as possible, with her giggly sister galumphing behind her, egging her on.

–Loves animals and has no fear in approaching cats…maybe dogs too but we don’t let.

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