Fixed Doctor and Uber Crunchy

Two things I want to remember.

1. On Saturday Tim, Morella, Athena and I all packed up and headed downtown to protest along with 70,000 other folks (minus a few paid pro-walker “protestors”) around the Capitol. I had a moment where I was baby wearing Neeners in the Rock Star sling, nursing her AND protesting at the same time. I think I might even get extra points there for having Neeners be a toddler and therefore considered “extended” by America’s low standards. Where is my medal?

2. Innsmouth, on of our litter mate cats that we got as a wedding gift to each other, was taken to the vet this morning to have four teeth extracted. They were in the last stages of decay. I wish I could have seen them, because I am morbid like that sometimes. Anyway, Innsmouth (aka Doctor as named by Morella ages ago) couldn’t eat anything before the surgery. So instead of feeding the others and not her, we didn’t feed any of them. Innsmouth and her cranky brother Arkham can both be huge bitches when they are hungry and take to walking around us, complaining and swiping at innocent legs, hands and faces if they get close. We warned Morella to stay away from them this morning because they were hungry.

“Why” she asked.
“Because Innsmouth is going to the doctor today. Her face really hurts her because of bad teeth. The doctor is going to take them out so that she won’t be in pain anymore. Then she will feel better and not hit us if we accidentally touch her face,” we explained.

Well, we picked up Innsmouth this evening and brought her home. Morella was thrilled. Before today Innsmouth has always been known as “Daddy’s Doctor” and Arkhham is “Morella’s Doctor”. When we got home, Innsmouth suddenly became Morella’s doctor. It soon became clear why.

She tiptoed around, swirled and nearly burst with happiness at our newly improved cat. You see we sent her to the doctor to take away her mean streak, and now she is a “nice Doctor.”

I think I nearly exploded with cute. Though I am not looking forward to the day when Innsmouth is a crab pot and takes a swipe for the hell of it. Usually though she directs her fury on just the other cats and only on the girls or us when we get near her face. Maybe we did get rid of her mean streak….time will tell.

One thought on “Fixed Doctor and Uber Crunchy

  1. Hilary

    You totally should get a medal or at least a certificate with fancy calligraphy declaring you a real Madisonian or something. We were going to bring the kids down on Saturday but then Tonya said some moms were going together and leaving the kids at their house with the dads, and Jason was on call, so it kind of made more sense to do that. Still, it would have been cool to bring them just to say they were part of it and stuff… You know? That is one for the books. First protest. Or rally or whatever they’re calling it these days…

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