Photo Drop

First and foremost, here is the missing super bowl picture I had promised you a couple of weeks ago.

All eyes are on the screen…watching the first major Wisconsin history making event of 2011.

All dressed up to go to a retirement party. One of these days I am going to do a post Cloud of Secrets style, except the subject will be a typical Morella outfit.

Morella opening up the pink tissue wrapped gifts that my Mom had sent us for my birthday (a little late). How on earth did she know that I would enjoy having the girls get presents as a present? The joy Morella got from unwrapping each handmade treasure was priceless.

A good portion of my dread regarding meals revolves around Neeners eating style. It’s the pits, man. I wish she would eat as much as she plays with.

Three times a day…every day folks.

Last weekend I was sick of the toys being spread all over the house, so I did a major clean up/organizing. It just picked up all the toys in the house and dumped them on Morella’s bed so I could put them away and group the things that should be grouped. I am happy to report that they have managed to keep the house clean longer than usual. They have been playing with the mini princesses, dress up and my little pony mostly.

Neeners and Daddy share a little playtime after dinner, before bed.

Playing some MLP after morning TV (These days it’s Oswald).

Neeners and the ponies, sitting in a box watching Oswald.

What’s disgusting? Union Busting! Kill the Bill! — Getting our protest on at the Capitol last Friday.

I took a break in parenting last Saturday to head over to Laima’s for fondue and fruit crisp. Here I got a great shot of her looking va va voom with the cat. I had mentioned that it was a classically evil pose because she was petting the cat, and she didn’t believe me… first.

It has taken three years and three months, but Morella has finally turned into a well cured …. ham.

One thought on “Photo Drop

  1. Sarah

    I would *love* to see a style blog post about a Morella outfit! Maybe I will link to it from Cloud of Secrets.

    God, I hate post-meal cleanup. We use those full-frontal bibs and a booster seat with a plastic tray, but that only catches half of it. My floor is permanently stained with tomato sauce and embedded dairy, which becomes like a powerful glue if left for too long. We are planning to refinish our table when the kids are older, because all the gunk and constant cleaning has taken its toll. I have to put a tablecloth over it when we have company, because it’s a crusty disaster.

    As for toy pickup, we’ve kind of fallen in to just dumping most things into the playroom at the end of the evening. Weekly, if I have the energy and/or we’re expecting visitors, I’ll do a full-scale tidying, every toy in its place in the playroom, and the carpets vacuumed. It would just be…too many hours out of my life if I cleaned up the toysplosion completely every night.

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