At lunch I am gonna head out to Cost Plus and see if there isn’t something that catches my eye as a housewarming gift to the sister in law who moved into two building from us and is going to have a house warming party tonight.

I watched the Good Girl last night. It is nice to see Donnie Darko can do the same kind of role over and over and over and over and over and over. The dark, tortured little soul. Much like the stories he writes in the Good Girl. AND, her husband John C. Reilly seems to only be able to play the same “cuckhold” husband role as well (as seen in Chicago).

And I watched Ice Age. What a piece of crap. It was Shrek but much worse. My biggest problem with it, is that the Sabre Tooth Tiger and Mammoth are two animals that evidence shows man caused to go extinct. Thus, the story line of having them (and the resident corn job) save a baby human and return it to his ‘herd’ is ridiculuous. Kill the stupid baby. Was Disney supposed to pass on to us that animals are forgiving creatures? That they don’t mind being slaughtered by humans? What the fuck. This was nonmovie if ever there was one…but still slightly better than Ballistic.

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