Life has been very full the past couple of weeks, and this weekend was no different. We had an out of town guest from way up in Ashland come and stay with us for the weekend starting on Friday. He came so that he could go to the Capitol and protest. I feel like anything I can do to help towards the injustice going on with the current political climate is worthwhile, even if it just means I offer up my basement and air mattress. I was able to take the girls with me up to the Capitol on Friday to get our protest on with our friend for an hour. We were able to get into te…my ___ key just stopped working.

Te letter abcdefg ijklmnopqrstuvwxyz …. can you figure out te letter? Crap.

ow can I write a post without te ….well tat was just an autocorrect…h there we go! I rebooted the typad if you were interested there.

Anyway. We were able to get into the Capitol on Friday with the help of a slew of friendly police officers and fellow protestors. Trust me, pushing the girls around in a massive double stroller isn’t as easy as one would expect it to be, especially for an old building like the Capitol. We went through a metal detector, had the stroller and the girls looked at, and a hand held metal detector swabbed over us before we made it to the rotunda, but by golly we did it. I even had a long conversation with a State Trooper who expressed his happiness that the Capitol was open and he was able to help people in to read the signs and demonstrate. Very cool. We also got handmade ham sandwiches and free apples from other protestors, along with a cookie and bad cup of coffee to pass for lunch. It was the most positive experience yet! A big change from when I had gone Wednesday night on my free night with my friend Amy. Then we were shooed way from the doors and even that upper Capitol steps at one point.

The rest of the weekend I wasn’t able to make it downtown because of other obligations. Tim managed to get downtown with our friend A.J. on Saturday. Tim was very well dressed and carried a sign that read “Slobs for Labor” with little flies drawn all over it. A.J. carried a sign that read “Douchbaggery” with a no sign over it. As you might have guessed, it was a very popular sign.

Saturday morning was a 3rd birthday party for Morella’s friend Leo. It was the first cake of many that the girls and myself were about to consume. I think I have had enough cake to last me all month. If I had a scale, I am sure that it would attest to that fact.

The afternoon and Saturday night was devoted to preparing for, setting up and having a wonderful babyshower for my dear friend Lowen. Five of us total put together one of the best parties I have ever had the pleasure to co host. The decorations, space, table centerpieces, cake, and food were all just incredible. I MC’d the event along with my little helpers (Morella and Neeners) successfully with four games. The prizes were great, the guests were generous and awesome and best of all Lowen was the picture of grace as a the Guest of Honor. The event was done and I was home by 9:40, which worked out well because no one could sleep without my motherly presence at home (really it was Neeners). I had an OK nights sleep that could have been longer and less interupted, but I will take what I can get. I had been up ridiculously late Friday night making sure I had everything ready and packed — and was up early thanks to Neeners.

Really, I should be in bed right now.

Today I got up, reheated some breakfast burritos for everyone, made coffee and saw my friend A.J. off. He introduced a new phrase to me. He said that he was going to head back to Ashland to “spell his wife.” What? Spell? What the fudge are you talking about bro (incidentally we went to High School together). Apparently, it means ‘to relieve one of duty.’ They ran out of gas yesterday and his wife had been manning the firestove, in addition to taking care of two young boys. Spell comes from dispell.

It reminds me of the other phrase I learned a couple weeks ago of “american chop suey.”

“What is that?” I asked. “Like the chop suey in a can?

“It’s ground hamburger, onions, elbow macaroni, and tomato …”

“You mean goulash?” I asked.
“I guess if that is what you call it. We always called it American Chop Suey,” replied my Maine friend.

I laughed and told her that here in Wisconsin, some people like to call that “chili,” in which case they are wrong because all know that chili does not have pasta in it.

Back to today. Our new nephew Gus Gus has his baptism this morning in Milwaukee. Tim, the girls and I were all suffering from case of being too darn tired. We rallied and I drove us all to the church service where we arrived late enough to have missed the actual sacrament. Whoops. Really, why do have to do it at the beginning of the service? Seems like something they want to get out of the way. It worked out though because the girls has only enough attention span to get through the rest of the service. It also goes with Tim’s record of missing the last three in a row because he has had to take Morella to the kids area lest there be a meltdown.

There was an after baptism party at the in law’s house. It was another bountiful spread, and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon just hanging out in their living room while all the kids ran around and played. It was so relaxing. Such a nice change from the frenetic activity of the last week. The late nights and partying caught up with the girls and they passed out almost immediately on the drive home. I got us back safe and sound and they went to bed right away and have been sleeping since. I am looking forward to getting back to normal for a few days.

i watched the second half of The Hogfather and made crepe paper streamer flowers. There is a list mile long of the things that need to be done around the house, of the writing and reading I want to do, and things I want to do just for myself. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that just watching a movie, working on a putzy craft thing (using crepe paper that is spread all over the living room from the girl’s helping me) is … uh cleaning up.

I miss posting everyday. I wonder when I look back on these days will I have had enough written to really recall my life well? I guess only time will tell. I should seriously look into getting a paper copy of this blog. That is 10 years here.

Other things…Sigrid gave me a belated birthday present — another easy reach grabber. My other one broke a couple months ago and I have missed it almost daily since. I swear that the next person I know who had their 2nd kid, I will be gifting an easy reach. It is just so useful when you spend large portions of your day holding a baby.

My friend Jess sent Morella and Neeners an envelope with some cool paper, hot coco and a sucker. It totally made Morella’s day. Thanks Jess!

Also, thank you for the sympathy regarding the latest news on my father’s case. I’ll keep you updated, but I do appreciate all the words.

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