Do you remember life before learning the “double flush” technique? How you had to absolutely hold it, until you could get home or find an isolated bathroom, so far out of the way and use, that you would be assured absolute privacy? I remember that. Then one day in high school I was talking in a group when I overheard another more outspoken girl say “Thank god for the double flush” and I was like ….what?

Then it dawned on me. How brilliant. It works on so many levels. One covers you from potentially embarassing noises, a immediate quick flush at soon at the first one makes a landing minimizes any odor, and to all others it would appear that you are finished with your business (of course when you flush the second, or even third time, it is completely acceptable, because toliets don’t always take all the toiliet paper…they sometimes leave that little calling card). People know that, so it’s okay. All in all, you can finish the entire job without anyone knowing you proceeded to take a dump in a public place.

Thank you to whoever said that out loud. That has been invaluable advice.

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