Okay…so I didn’t make too much progress. I tried a few layouts with life journals embedded into my journal, but I wasn’t happy without the comments section looked when I did it. Plus Tim said that he liked the page the way it is now. Torn. Then I had sent myself my latest worked on copy of the Scotland/London adventure but it didn’t go through until Sunday. (Stupid comcast/at&t bitches). I worked that on that more..and am almost done. Still when I incorporate that into the letters I owe…there are going to be some pretty pennies spent on postage. I have to write: Sonja, Hollywood girl, Sigrid, Erica (new penpal), Kim, Virginia, and Sarah (whose letter I haven’t picked up from the post office yet). Let me tell you it is the rare time when *I* owe everyone a letter. These letters are looking be like 16 pages, single space, size 10 font…at least. I get carried away sometimes.

Friday night we went over to Bekah’s house for a housewarming party and lots of food. It was a reasonable gathering with a surprise appearance of this guy Nick who I met last year at the Jarvis stop. We kept getting off at the same time and walked all the way home together. IT seemed appropriate to talk, although when the topic of me being married came up he mysterious disappeared. It was mutual though…. ANYWAY…we talked and it worked it way through the awkwardness after a bit. Stayed until 3.00 am and Tim drank too much. (Then so did others… *wink*)

Saturday Tim got up early and went to his Mech Warrior game where he got SECOND PLACE! Wow. Good for him. He came back a hurting though, and I was nursing my head ache with yarn, knitting needles, TV and tea. I made a really greasy breakfast dinner type thing for Tim and felt better. Then we watched movies and went to bed early-ish.

Sunday we went shopping as normal, and then later met up with Amy and her boyfriend (man pictured in photo is NOT her boyfriend), and his friends (whom we met through Xtian), who was in town to see Erasure tonight. We had Peruvian food and then went to the Gold Star for a drink afterward. DAMN was it cold last night. Freezing. Cold. I was too tired and cold to do anything when we got back, so I didn’t write and went to bed.

I am really hungry right now.

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